Pro Tem is a collaborative entity that strives to connect the Glendon community by coupling innovation with tradition. We aim to produce high caliber work that is consistently relevant to our community at large and to represent Glendon College to the best of our ability. Above all, Pro Tem is an advocate for freedom of speech and believes in the power of the student voice.



Pro Tem est une entité collaborative qui se veut un canal de communication fort au sein de la communauté de Glendon. Combinant tradition et avant-gardisme, nous visons à produire un travail de haute qualité qui soit toujours pertinent pour l’ensemble de notre communauté et de représenter le collège Glendon du mieux que l’on peut. Avant tout, Pro Tem soutient fortement la liberté d'expression et croit en la puissance de la voix étudiante.



Amanda Sears.jpg

Amanda Sears - Editor in Chief / Rédactrice en chef

Salut, Glendon! Moi c'est Amanda, et je suis Rédactrice en chef pour l’année académique 2019–2020. I am profoundly humbled to be working with such a talented team to publish the work of our fellow students. Vous allez probablement me voir à Glendon en train d'étudier au Centre d'excellence ou de lire à la bibliothèque Frost. Be sure to stop for a chat and ask how you can submit an article to Pro Tem this year. À bientôt!

Kaya Harris-Read.jpg

Kaya Harris-Read - Chief of Operations / Chef des opérations

Bonjour! J’arrive à ma quatrième année de linguistiques ici à Glendon et c'est une grande joie de revenir à Pro Tem. I am passionate about writing and love reading other people’s work alors j’ai très hâte pour cette année! When I’m not overanalyzing fonts I enjoy watching movies and drinking too much coffee.

Beatrice Bouaré.jpg

Beatrice Bouraré - Assistant French Editor / Rédactrice française adjointe

Salut, moi c’est Béa! I am a third year Communication student pursuing the Technical and Professional Communication certificate! C’est un plaisir pour moi d’être French Editor et de servir Pro Tem et la communauté glendonienne. By helping my friends to edit their texts, la passion pour le editing a commencé à naître en moi. In my spare time, I am probably with my friends or in my room watching movies. I also love dancing, travelling, listening gospel songs, meeting new people and helping people to realize their project.

Sadhana Persaud.jpg

Sadhana Persaud - Assistant English Editor / Rédactrice anglaise adjointe

Salut! My name is Sadhana and I’m majoring in French studies. I’m happy to be a part of Pro Tem this year, a team that helps share information and give a voice to students like myself! I’m a former pageant girl and cellist. I travel quite a bit and hope to someday become well-versed in Global culture. I’m at Pro Tem to share stories from students at Glendon and I couldn’t be more excited. I dream about the day I share stories from people all around the world. Also, I’m a Scorpio, so don’t hold back with these articles!

Elton Campbell.jpg

Elton Campbell - Layout Designer / Maquetteur

Salut ! Je suis étudiant de troisième année en sociologie. I am Pro Tem’s layout editor. I am also a member of Radio Glendon and Glendon’s Peer Mentorship Team. J'aime regarder des films de DC et de Marvel Comics. Mes passe-temps sont l'écriture, la photographie et faire des podcasts. Je veux améliorer mon français. Si vous me voyez sur le campus, veuillez me parler en français pour m'aider à progresser. A bientôt !

Adrienne Arzaga.jpg

Adrienne Arzaga - Photographer / Photographe

Bonjour! I am a fifth year International Studies student pursuing Law and Social Thought and Public Policy Analysis certificates. Being a part of the Glendon community these past few years has been extremely rewarding and I cannot wait to give it another go as photographer for Pro Tem this year! If you have an exciting event at Glendon or simply need to refresh your ig feed, I’ll take any excuse to be behind a camera! Looking forward to seeing your contributions come to life!

Section Editors / Chroniqueurs

Anike Morrison.jpg

Anike Morrison - Expressions / Expressions

Allo! Je m'appelle Anike et je suis en 2e année dans le programme bilingue international de biologie ici à Glendon. J'ai toujours adoré lire (peut-être un peu trop), et j'aime m'assurer qu'un texte est clair et sans fautes. I enjoy putting my life experiences into metaphors and verse on a page, and am fascinated by the power of narrative. I look forward to reading your creative expressions this year!


John Kemp.jpg

John Kemp - Campus Life / Vie étudiante

Bonjour à tous ! Some of you may recognize my name from the John Kemp's Kitchen column, but this year I'll be taking care of the Campus Life section for Pro Tem. I'm very much looking forward to keeping you all updated on all things Glendon and am excited to hear your voice on campus issues. Vive GL !

Eden Minichiello.jpg

Eden Minichiello - Issues and Ideas / Actualité et opinions

Bonjour, こんにちは!Je m’appelle Eden et je suis étudiante de troisième année dans la programme traduction ici à Glendon et en études japonais à Keele. Language and learning were my first loves - followed closely by adventure and all things outdoors. When I’m not holed up studying, or rushing between classes, the gym and work, you can find me relaxing with anime, hiking through forests or spending time with the people I love. ぢゃ、また!

Anastasiya Dvuzhylov.jpg

Anastasiya Dvuzhylov - Metropolis / Métropole

Salut! Je suis en mon quatrième année à Glendon et je me spécialise en Anglais. When I’m not running around Glendon or napping at Lunik, you can find me jamming out with my band, hitting up stand-up shows or looking for my next coffee. I’m super excited to be the metropolis section editor and am looking forward to an awesome year!

Aphrodite Kanopoulos.jpg

Sabrina Gilmour.jpg

Aphrodite Kanopoulos - Arts and Entertainment / Arts et divertissement

Hey everyone! Je m’appelle Aphrodite et j’arrive à ma dernière année ici à Glendon. I am so happy to be joining the Pro Tem team this year as Arts & Entertainment Editor! As an English major, I really appreciate that Pro Tem showcases so many different voices here at Glendon. If I’m not camped out in the library for school, I am checking out coffee shops around the city, planning my future travels, or re-reading Pride & Prejudice

Sabrina Gilmour - Health and Wellness / Santé et bien-être

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Sabrina et je suis en quatrième année de science politique à Glendon. I love travelling, reading, and going to the beach. The only thing I like better than memes is Political Science and Shark Week on Discovery Channel.