Pro Tem is a collaborative entity that strives to connect the Glendon community by coupling innovation with tradition. We aim to produce high caliber work that is consistently relevant to our community at large and to represent Glendon College to the best of our ability. Above all, Pro Tem is an advocate for freedom of speech and believes in the power of the student voice.



Pro Tem est une entité collaborative qui se veut un canal de communication fort au sein de la communauté de Glendon. Combinant tradition et avant-gardisme, nous visons à produire un travail de haute qualité qui soit toujours pertinent pour l’ensemble de notre communauté et de représenter le collège Glendon du mieux que l’on peut. Avant tout, Pro Tem soutient fortement la liberté d'expression et croit en la puissance de la voix étudiante.



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Sarah Tadjana - Editor in Chief

I’m a fourth year Linguistics major and Sociology minor, who is also participating in Glendon's certificate program in the Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language. I revel in the diversity of culture and language that exists here on our beautiful campus and it is my hope that Pro Tem will join all of the unique customs and perspectives represented by our student population together in one collective voice. 

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Camille Slaght - Assistant Editor in Chief

I'm a fifth year student who is double majoring in French Studies and Political Science. While at Glendon, I have written several articles for the French weekly paper in Toronto called L’Express as well as for Pro Tem. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories in both French and English and spend countless hours a week in the dance studio, training for the next Irish dancing championship. 

Sarah AV 1-1.jpg
Sarah Ariza-Verreault - English Editor

I’m in my third year at Glendon as an English Major, French Minor, and I'm very excited to be pursuing a Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication starting this year. I've loved writing ever since my parents first put a pencil in my pudgy little hands, so naturally I'm glad to be a part of the Pro Tem team this year! When I'm not writing, I binge watch Netflix and tell bad jokes. 

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Connor Boyd - Layout Designer

Connor Boyd is a first year education student studying Communications and French Studies here at Glendon. He works as a lifeguard and swim instructor with the City of Toronto and is the new Layout Editor for Pro Tem. He enjoys writing, photography, and mixing. He is looking forward to improving his graphic design and French skills during his time at Glendon.


Krysta 1-1.jpg
Krysta Veneruz – Photographer 

Coucou! Je m'appelle Krysta et je suis la photographe pour Pro-Tem cette année! I'm completing my third year with a major in French Studies and the DTEIL certificate. Being from nature filled Thunder Bay and having the opportunity to have travelled so much already, I've always had a passion for photography and the way photos can complement writing. When not at Glendon, I'm probably running, library hopping, or out for coffee!

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Amanda Jose - Media Officer

Amanda is a budding adult who is currently studying French and Professional Communication at Glendon. Having a zest for pastel markers and decorative paper, she is an art supply enthusiast [hoarder] to the core. She sees Pro Tem as a fruitful opportunity to express her creative abilities both visually and linguistically. She hopes to blossom into a grape artist and polyglot, and she is also, maybe, just a little bit bananas over berry bad puns and wordplay.

Alex 1-1.jpg
Alex Freeman – Issues and Ideas 

I’m a second year student in the Bilingual iBA program majoring in Political Science. I’m an avid reader and rock climber. Before coming to Glendon, I managed Canada’s largest residential window cleaning company and also dabbled in day trading. One day, I’ll be the greatest litigator the world has ever seen, but until then, I’ll settle for eagerly awaiting your submissions.

Ayla 1-1.jpg

Ayla Sljivar - Expressions

Bonjour! I'm a second year student in the Trilingual iBA program with a double major in International Studies and French Studies at Glendon. When I'm not living out of my suitcase from travelling, writing has always provided me an outlet to satiate my need to put words to feelings and events that have the power to make us laugh, cry, or both! I have always had a passion to learn as many languages as I can so I look forward to reading your submissions in English and in French. À bientôt!


Reeda 1-1.jpg
Reia Tariq - Campus Life

I'm a fifth year Specialized Honors Sociology major who is excited to see if can figure out where to go and what to do after graduation! I'm returning as this year's Campus Life Editor in part because I'm active in almost all the clubs on campus but mostly because I want to hear what you have to say about life here at Glendon! Get in touch with me at campuslife@protemglendon.com!

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Kaya Harris-Read - Health and Wellness 

I'm a second year Linguistics major working towards a trilingual degree here at Glendon, and I'm very excited to be a part of Pro Tem this year. I love reading which sparked my passion for writing, and I hope to one day become an author of science fiction. When I'm not doing schoolwork, I enjoy cooking, drawing, and dancing.

Behrad 1-1.jpg

Behrad Taeed - Metropolis

Behrad is in his last year of a specialized honours political science major. One who thoroughly enjoys the creative process whether it is writing, art or music. He also enjoys dabbling in Machiavelli's the prince and discourses while engulfed by medium rare steaks and strawberry shakes.

Sandrine Exil

Sandrine Exil - Arts & Entertainment

Hello Bonjour! I’m a third-year student majoring in International Studies and minoring in communication studies. One of my biggest passions is writing and reading and I would love to become a journalist after my degree. J’ai eu l’opportunité de faire un stage et écrire des articles pour le journal l’Express, et j’ai passé ces années comme contributrice de Pro Tem. I love languages, different cultures, I love art and everything that goes around this city that I still have to discover.