Pro Tem is a collaborative entity that strives to connect the Glendon community by coupling innovation with tradition. We aim to produce high caliber work that is consistently relevant to our community at large and to represent Glendon College to the best of our ability. Above all, Pro Tem is an advocate for freedom of speech and believes in the power of the student voice.



Pro Tem est une entité collaborative qui se veut un canal de communication fort au sein de la communauté de Glendon. Combinant tradition et avant-gardisme, nous visons à produire un travail de haute qualité qui soit toujours pertinent pour l’ensemble de notre communauté et de représenter le collège Glendon du mieux que l’on peut. Avant tout, Pro Tem soutient fortement la liberté d'expression et croit en la puissance de la voix étudiante.




Sarah Ariza-Verreault - Editor in Chief / Rédactrice en chef

Coucou ! Moi c'est Sarah et je suis très honorée de représenter Pro Tem en tant que Rédactrice en chef durant l’année finale de mes études à Glendon. I’m a sleepy fourth year student pursuing an English major, une mineure en études françaises, and a Certificate in Technical and Professional Communications. I've loved writing ever since my parents first put a pencil in my pudgy little hands. Quand j’ai rien à écrire, je chante Ella Fitzgerald sous la douche et je raconte de mauvaises blagues.


Gabriella Giordan - Assistant French Editor / Rédactrice française adjointe

Moi c’est Gabi! Je suis une étudiante de quatrième année en Études françaises et hispaniques à Glendon. Je suis franco-torontoise et fortement francophile. Passionnée depuis toujours par les langues et l’écriture, j’espère obtenir le Certificat d’excellence trilingue et le Certificat en rédaction professionnelle. J’adore voyager, lire, faire du sport et corriger les textes en français des autres (heureusement pour Pro Tem!).


Kaya Harris-Read - Chief of Operations / Chef des opérations

Bonjour! J'arrive à ma troisième année ici à Glendon et j'ai tellement hâte de retourner à Pro Tem. I'm currently in a trilingual linguistics degree, and my love of languages and writing has given me a passion for editing, which I hope to peruse after my post secondary studies. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies and drinking way too much coffee.


Connor Boyd - Layout Designer / Maquetteur

Salut! Je suis étudiant de deuxième année en communications et en études françaises dans la programme concurrent d’éducation ici à Glendon. Je veux devenir professeur de français après avoir terminé mes études. Je travaille comme sauveteur et instructeur de natation à Toronto. Returning as Pro Tem’s layout editor, I am looking forward to further improving my graphic design and editing skills. My passion is mixing music and I like running and cycling on my spare time. I’m involved in many other clubs here at Glendon including Toastmasters, Peace By Peace and Glendon Smash. I also like writing for Pro Tem as well, so you’ll be seeing some of my articles in the paper soon. A bientôt! 


Krysta Veneruz – Media Officer / Agente des médias

Salut, moi c’est Krysta et je suis l’agente des médias pour Pro Tem cette année! I'm completing my last year with a major in French Studies, a minor in English, and finished the DTEIL certificate this past May. During my time at Glendon, I’ve dabbled in social medias, blogging, and website designing, so working for Pro Tem combines my love of all things community and language with that technological aspect. I’m patiently waiting to finish up my time at Glendon and couple it with gaining experience in all sorts of domains, in hopes to start an MA TESOL next year. When not at at school, I'm probably running too many weekly kilometres for my full course-load to handle and stressing out over it in craft beer or espresso snobbing.


Amanda Sears - Assistant English Editor / Rédactrice anglaise adjointe

Salut! Je m’appelle Amanda et je suis la rédactrice d’anglais pour Pro Tem cette année! I am a third year Political Science student studying a Certificate in Law and Social Thought. When I’m not cooped up in my apartment studying, I enjoy watching 90s Simpsons reruns and reading Sylvia Plath. I hope to see you in our submissions during the 2018-2019 year! À bientôt!


Adrienne Arzaga - Photographer / Photographe

Bonjour, je m’appelle Adrienne! I am a fourth year International Studies student pursuing the Law & Social Thought and Public Policy Analysis certificates! I am a photography and palm tree enthusiast who loves to wear funky pants! When I’m not at Glendon or work, I’m probably dreaming up my future travels, hitting up the concert scene or figuring out my life choices through buzzfeed quizzes!

Section Editors / Chroniqueurs


Ayla Sljivar - Expressions / Expressions

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Ayla et je travaille comme rédactrice d’Expressions pour ProTem. I’m a third year student in the Trilingual BA program with a double major in International Studies and French Studies. When I'm not living out of my suitcase from travelling, writing has always provided me an outlet to satiate my need to put words to feelings and events that have the power to make us laugh, cry, or both! Ma passion est d'apprendre autant de langues que possible, alors j'ai hâte de lire vos soumissions en anglais et en français (¡y en Español también!) À bientôt!


IMG_5977 2.jpg

Ayse Koca - Campus Life / Vie étudiante

Salut! I’m a fourth year student in political science.This year as the campus life editor I’m excited to read what you have to say about student life here at Glendon. I enjoy traveling and buying unnecessary amounts of stationary. During my free time I’m usually either re-watching the office or checking which planets are in retrograde.

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Sabrina Sukhdeo– Issues and Ideas / Actualité et opinions

Salut! Je suis en quatrième année à Glendon et je me spécialise en science politique. Writing has always been a natural extension of my love for literature and passion for political discourse, so I look forward to reading your spicy takes! When I’m not writing, I’m sliding into Drake’s DMs with a compatibility analysis between Pisces and Scorpio.


Gulsvert Dela Cruz - Metropolis / Métropole

Hi there! My name’s Gulsvert, and I’m majoring in International Studies, minoring in Economics, and working on a Public Policy Analysis certificate – yes it’s a mouthful. I love exploring hidden gems in our city and drinking coffee with good company. J’ai le plaisir d’écrire pour Pro Tem et j’espère à susciter en vous de l’intérêt and de l’enthousiasme pour le grand nombre des affaires municipales!


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Bruno Da Costa - Arts and Entertainment / Arts et divertissement

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Bruno Delgado Da Costa. Je suis étudiant de cinquième année en études espagnoles et françaises. I edit for the Arts and Entertainment section and when I’m not doing that, I’m either making coffee or trying to make people laugh.


John Kemp - Health and Wellness / Santé et bien-être

Hello everyone! Some of you may recognise my name as being the John Kemp from my John Kemp's Kitchen column, but I do have a life outside of that. I'm currently in my fourth year of my iBA in French Studies and am also the Health and Wellness editor for Pro Tem this year. Keep an eye out for delicious recipes and tips for feeling the best you can be in my section this year!