2017 Foodoscopes: Part One

 Photo: Lauren Clewes

Photo: Lauren Clewes

Yes, that’s right, foodoscopes. I’ve noticed that international trends, weather, social media, school schedules, and the time of year all play major roles in determining food trends, so I have created a list of my predictions of the major food trends that will take place in the first four months of 2017.

January: Meat

Thanks to #SaltBae, many decided to drop that cauliflower in exchange for some red meat this January. Salt Bae’s videos suddenly made everyone—even that girl who's been running a green smoothie empire out of her dormroom—start craving kebabs after a night out. So much for Veganuary!


February: Soup

Midterms are kicking your butt, OSAP loans are taking their sweet time to arrive, and all of your essays are due in the same week. There is a lot to worry about during the coldest and shortest month of the year, which is why you naturally start craving something nourishing for the soul and stomach (and something easy on the wallet). Whether it’s chicken soup, minestrone or cream of brocoli, soup is easy to make and store, and is the perfect pick-me-up on those cold, dreary days when you have no choice but to lock yourself up in your bedroom and try to finish all those assignments. A useful tip is to add some coconut milk to your soup to make it even more filling. Let’s face it, you’re going to need all the energy you can get to study for those back-to-back midterms.


March: Ugly produce

You might have seen some videos pop up on your social media feed about how French supermarkets are giving away their leftover produce to shelters. Similarly, people are beginning to stop getting rid of food that doesn’t look the way it should. If you’re scratching your head over what “ugly produce” entails, it’s exactly what the name implies—vegetables that aren’t photogenic or attractive enough (think: bruised apples or pears) to be sold in supermarkets. As a result of a larger sustainability movement that has slowly been growing over the years, people are becoming less picky about the look of their fruits and veg.


April: Vending machine snacks

The the birds are returning, the flowers are beginning to blossom, and you can put away that thick winter parka in favour of that cute denim jacket you picked up in November. But just as the world is starting anew, the university term is coming to an end for students across the country. With this, comes the usual panic and stress associated with exams. When nothing matters other than making sure that you pass that one exam you’re dreading most, everything else falls to the side—family, friends, exercise and food. The vending machine at the end of the hallway or your residence floor suddenly becomes your new best friend, and you shamelessly shed a tear if your favourite candy bar runs out when you needed it the most.


*These are only predictions. You could just as well spend the entire month of February eating nothing but Char Siu Bao in honour of the Lunar New Year, and then spend March drinking nothing but spinach smoothies to cleanse your system.