A Recap on the LMG Fashion Show 2017

 Photo: LMG: La Mode Glendon

Photo: LMG: La Mode Glendon

Another year, and another successful fashion show for LMG: La Mode à Glendon. On Friday, February 17, LMG held their third annual fashion show in the Glendon Theatre. It was a night of fashion and music with a variety of designers and performers. The models worked the runway, showcasing the interesting creations of designers who experimented with different colours, textures and styles. All collections were very unique, ranging from intricate styles that included pieces of handmade, beaded jewelry, and glittery evening dresses, to more simple looks that played with nude colours and sheer fabrics. These looks wouldn’t have been complete without the help of the makeup artists and hair stylists.
The designers weren’t the only ones to embody diversity; the musicians completed the show by performing different styles of music. A young man by the name of D.Hart performed moving spoken word pieces, Muzzy Legault and Alcordo gave us some sultry vocals, and to end the night, Glendon’s very own Mutari did his signature energetic trap performance. LMG would like to thank all of the volunteers and photographers, the sound operator, stage manager, lighting operator and the Glendon Theatre. A big thank you goes out to everyone who was able to come out to the show. Thank you for all your support. The night was unreal and we are already looking forward to future projects!

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