An Outstanding Year in Athletics

An Outstanding Year in Athletics

Growing up, I was constantly on-the-go between my brother’s sports activities and my own athletic commitments. He played competitive hockey and we both played competitive soccer, so there really wasn’t much “down time” in our household. This is the lifestyle that I became accustomed to, and one that I found that I thrived in. When I got to high school, I expanded my horizons and played volleyball, soccer, and ran cross-country competitively for my school. I was constantly busy, and I liked it that way.

When I entered university, I let stories about the difficulties of university from friends and family deter me from getting involved in campus life. I thought the smartest thing for me to do would be to simply attend my classes and try to adjust to my new life in Toronto as a university student. Little did I know that I was actually cheating myself out of all that Glendon had to offer me as a student. It wasn’t until my second year that I decided to participate in campus events, such as intramurals, and also join an on campus organization called WUSC Glendon. And it wasn’t until this year, my final year at Glendon, that I decided to become a part of the Glendon College Student Union as Vice-President Athletics. I was encouraged by my former Frosh leader, Julissa Alvarez, who is also the former Vice President Athletics, to run for this position. I knew how passionate Julissa was about getting students involved in athletics and Glendon as a whole. She had single-handedly successfully created the position of Vice President Athletics within the GCSU, and had put an immeasurable amount of effort into improving the program.

My goal coming into this position this year was to ensure that all of the hard work that Julissa put in was not wasted. I wanted to make sure that students knew about the different athletics opportunities available to them. I wanted to enter into as many intramural leagues as possible to represent our campus and give students the chance to keep active and have fun while doing it. But most of all, I wanted the student athletes, who take the time out of their schedules to travel to Keele and represent their college through sport, to feel appreciated and important. That is part of the reason that I decided to dedicate such a large portion of my budget to purchasing new, high quality jerseys, in addition to some new equipment. I also increased the subsidies provided to students for various Athletics events, such as the Ski Trip and the Montreal Trip.

From the beginning of the year, I tried to advertise athletics as much as possible, by recruiting during Frosh Week, promoting on social media, keeping the Athletics board outside the cafeteria updated, and by tabling at Clubs Days. All things considered, I think that my goals for the year have been accomplished. With the help of the Athletics Committee, Glendon was able to enter a total of 25 teams and play a total of approximately 170 games this year. Several of these Glendon teams were able to proceed into playoffs in their respective intramural leagues. More importantly though, in my opinion, is the fact that Glendon expanded their participation in York Intramurals to include three sports that we have never played before: Ultimate Frisbee, The Women’s Futsal Tournament, and Innertube Water Polo. In addition, we hosted the first ever on-campus overnight tournament, called Glendon Loves Dodgeball (GLD) by partnering with the GAC. That was a very successful event, with participation of approximately 100 students.

Overall, when I reflect on the year I am very proud of all that Glendon has accomplished in athletics. We have expanded our community of athletes, increased our participation in York Intramurals, and started new athletics traditions on our own campus. I am so grateful for Julissa and each of my friends and family members who encouraged me to run for Vice President Athletics last year. I was able to return to the busy lifestyle that I have always enjoyed, and I discovered how rewarding it could be to commit time to improving student life on campus. On both a personal level and on behalf of the GCSU, I would like to thank every student who participated in athletics, or who helped on the Athletics Committee. This year’s successes would not have been possible without their team work, dedication enthusiasm!