An Update on the Thailand Symposium

 cr: Shivani Babuta

cr: Shivani Babuta

A staple in the ILST department for the past twenty-three years, the International Studies Symposium is a student-run event which gives a team of eight students the opportunity to work together to create an academic research conference on a country of their choice. This conference is held in second semester and is designed to be equal parts academic and accessible. The idea is to introduce the Glendon community to a country, its culture, history, economy, politics, and so much more!

Some things we have learned thus far — and that you may have the opportunity to learn and expand on during the Symposium — include the following: Thailand was originally the Kingdom of Siam, Buddhism is the official state-sponsored religion of the country, King Bhumibol was the founder of the self-sufficiency economic model, there are many inflections of the Thai smile, and of course, the food is beyond delicious!

Leading up to the Symposium, we will be hosting a number of events, including a bake sale on January 30th and January 31st in the Breezeway from 10am-4pm as well as a Tea Time launch event in the Skyroom on February 5th from 4-6pm. Finally, we will be having one last book sale from February 28 - March 2, near the Cafeteria and in the COE from 10am-6pm. The Symposium itself will be Saturday, March 10th — tickets will be on sale soon!

We are also looking for volunteers and sponsors. If you are interested in volunteering at any of our fundraisers or events — or are interested in sponsoring the Symposium (packages and incentives are available for all levels of sponsorship); please reach out to us at and be sure to like our Facebook page at