B2B: A Sanctuary


Toronto is a city where emotions are constantly colliding. It is a city where one can find refuge, while also feeling alienated and alone. This city will bring out feelings you never thought you had. You will experience falling in love in the most unusual places. Cultivating an unbreakable bond with particular neighbourhoods where you and your significant other spent memorable times. Places where the end of the night isn’t until five in the morning. You will also experience meeting new people whose value will rise above all else - people who will teach you a lot about life and contribute to your growth.

Toronto offers a wide range of attractions for people of different backgrounds and walks of life, be it at the Harbourfront, where you can spend time by the lake and enjoy the warmth of the summertime; or in Chinatown, where you can enjoy a cheap drink with new friends. Whether you’re in the west end or the east end, there’s no doubt that you will find a plethora of places to experience friendship. Even in the core of downtown where buildings seem to overlap the clouds, every individual has a hidden gem that helps them stay grounded.

Near the entrance of Kensington Market, there is a little bar on Augusta Avenue by the name of B2B (previously known as Templeton’s). For me, it instantly carried a spiritual aesthetic. B2B’s drink selection, particularly the beer menu, has always impressed me. The Irish Stout is my choice beverage - and B2B, Irish Stouts and I have a long history together! This is a bar where emotions are present, a bar that brings out the best of you. Though the food is below par, the beer and the charm keep me coming back. The atmosphere is inviting, the service is fantastic and you are bound to strike up a conversation with someone interesting. B2B is conveniently located near College Street and offers a rich neighbourhood with a variety of characters coming and going, slowly evaporating as la luna rises higher in the night sky.

For me and many others, B2B is a sanctuary where there is always the possibility of meeting that beautiful person who will change the way you see life and be by your side for all of it’s most wonderful moments. It’s a place where you can sit for hours, discussing life, reading comic books, and enjoying endless pints of beer. All in all, I highly recommend B2B any time of year as it is thoroughly enjoyable both during the summer when the patio is open, and during the winter, when you can take refuge from the infernal cold by drinking a good ol’ pint of Irish Stout surrounded by warm, welcoming faces.