Beware: Part I

expressions (2).jpg

We had a nice day;

We caught some rays.

You invited me home,

Didn’t want to be alone.

You always left me on read;

You expected me in your bed.

Ok, you bought me dinner.

You think you’re a winner?

I know you’re fantasizing,

But you ain’t even realizing.

You don’t know what I mean;

I’m not even trying to be mean.

I said I wanted to go;

You said, “please baby don’t.”

I saw the look in your eyes,

And it caught me by surprise.

They were filled with rage.

I went cold like the ice age.

I never wanted to go this far,

Even though you just tried in your car.

I was mesmerized by your charm,

Until you grabbed me by the arm.

I jumped out of the door,

As the rain began to pour.

I don’t know what happened that night,

I just knew it wasn’t right.