Cam’s Corner: Exploring Toronto’s Live Music Venues

 cr: ClubZone

cr: ClubZone

Cherry Cola’s

200 Bathurst St.

After a while, Toronto’s grungy music venues all start to feel similar. For those looking to shake it up and experience something new, Cherry Cola’s is the place for you! If you find yourself frequently in the Queen and Bathurst area, you may have actually walked by it several times without having a clue of the wondrous world that exists beyond its extremely non-descript exterior. Here’s a list of all the best things about this extravagant bar:

1. Everything in there is cherry red: the decorative wall paper, the velvet-upholstered couches, the long drapes for dramatic effect – you name it. This place is something else.
2. Go-go dancers: the walls have cut outs that almost serve as frames for professional dancers to perform for hours on end, spilling out of tight corsets, and pouting their red lips at the music enthusiasts. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the dancers seemed to mesh with the music acts. No one seemed out of place, and every one was along for the ride.  
3. Burlesque shows: Fridays and Sundays host several burlesque acts. It’s free to enter but, of course, tips for the performers are always welcome.
4. Dim lighting: the darkness creates a mysterious ambiance, to the point that it feels like you’re on a movie set. Several grandiose chandeliers hang from the ceiling, but they aren’t there to illuminate so much as to set the mood.
5. Mirrors everywhere: This place is all about capturing the vanity of the retro boudoir vibe. Beautifully framed mirrors of all sizes cover the walls.
6. The music! Let’s not get carried away here, this is a music venue after all. Cherry Cola’s hosts a variety of amazing rock bands that never disappoint.

My Rating: 4.5/5. If you can handle the gaudiness, this place really is special. If the drinks were just a tad cheaper, I’d give it five stars.