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kæmp vs ˈkɒtıdʒ

What do you call a small residential building in the woods, typically used to get away from the city for a weekend or vacation? If you said camp, then you’re either from the northwestern regions of Ontario, or you’ve been spending too much time with someone who is.

Ça vous dit, un café sur la rue Yonge?

Si vous commencez à vous lasser de la bibliothèque Frost ou de votre coin d’étude habituel, cette critique de huit cafés différents, situés très près de sept stations de métro sur la ligne de métro Yonge, vous aidera peut-être à trouver un nouvel endroit et à déguster d’excellentes pâtisseries, tout en sirotant un espresso bien mérité ...

Demystifying Contemporary Acupuncture

A few weeks ago I had a new patient who had severely rolled her ankle the week prior. When it happened, she had pretty significant bruising and swelling but was able to suck it up and get through the week. I treated her ankle with electro-acupuncture using just a handful of points for 15 minutes.