All in Issue 10 2017/2018

Getting The 411 on 401 Richmond

There are countless art galleries and institutions in this city: some are properties of design companies, charities and  co-working spaces, but did you know that there is actually a building that houses all of these incredibly varied organizations under one roof? Let me introduce you to 401 Richmond. This unique Toronto locale is a restored (not renovated) industrial building located in the heart of the Fashion District. Personally, I am lucky enough to not only have worked in the space, but also attended writing workshops and art classes, as well as having spent many an afternoon browsing its many galleries dedicated to visual arts, 3D installations, music and so much more!

Hearing Without Listening: Problematizing “Disability”

About a year ago, my 18-year-old sister decided to learn American Sign Language on a whim. Just to be clear, she was not losing her hearing, and no one in our family is going deaf. Being incredibly gifted, she is now capable of having full conversations in ASL. Other than having achieved something amazing and extremely useful, my sister gained an enormous amount of knowledge about the deaf community by attending ASL classes at the Bob Rumball Center for the Deaf (just north of Glendon on Bayview).

Understanding Your Potential for Financial Independence

This lengthy strike has given me ample time to ruminate over the dreadful uncertainty of my future. As someone with anxiety, I understand how unsettling it can be to even begin thinking about “what’s next” when it’s time to leave our cozy institutional nest. To top it off, having to face debt from student loans isn’t exactly tea and biscuits. Thankfully, my incessant contemplations have propelled me to improve my financial literacy and I’d like to share my findings with you to spread the financial awareness!

Anna von Hausswolff is a Swedish organist and singer-songwriter, who I first encountered when she opened for Swans on their 2016 tour for their album The Glowing Man. Hausswolff’s fifth LP, Dead Magic, definitely sounds like it was inspired by Swans’ recent discography, but not to the point that it becomes wholly derivative. For one thing, her voice gives the music an entirely different image, one which is much more elegant and ethereal (which is saying quite a lot, because Swans’ output as of late has been pretty damn ethereal as it is). Hausswolff has put together five colossal tracks here, not only large in duration but also massive in pure sound; listening to this album feels like falling into some giant subterranean expanse.

29 Jars of Pickled Peppers

I pulled out a tattered rag from the pocket of my overalls and wiped the beads of sweat collecting on my forehead. I leaned against my RAM 2640 and sipped the last bit of water I had left in my bottle, savouring every last drop. I allowed the sun’s rays to heat my skin, enjoying what little break I had before continuing to load boxes into my truck. The stacks of boxes began to tower over me, mocking me and my numerous trips back and forth from the house to the truck.

VR in Toronto

A new innovation has taken the gaming community by storm and this new technology is called VR (Virtual Reality). It gives all those avid gamers an added dimension to their favourite pastime (so basically, good luck getting them out of the house now). Suffice it to say, the introduction of virtual reality in gaming has become extremely popular, for obvious reasons. The appeal comes from the hyper-realistic feeling it provides for its players and, more often than not, it’s a full body experience that encapsulates the user’s complete attention.

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Thoughts on Formal

Editor’s Note: The GCSU hosted this year’s #PalmSprings Formal on March 22 at the Venetian Banquet Centre. Rather than provide an overenthused recap of what you missed, we thought we’d take to the halls and ask you, the students, what influenced your decision to go to this year’s Formal, or perhaps why you decided to skip it altogether. Here’s a recap of what you said!

The Shameful Tiki Room: A Hidden Paradise

I don’t know if it’s just me, but right now, the only thing keeping this “strikecation” from feeling like early summer is its total lack of good weather! I know we’re all pulling our hair out by the handful as we wait impatiently for actual summer to start; the only things keeping us from kicking our feet up and enjoying a cold one in the sun are the icy wind, the annoying mini-blizzards, the torrential downpour of rain just when it was warming up, and, oh yeah, the imminent, imposing deadlines of assignments we’ve been putting off until now.

Krysta’s Picks: Strike & Summer To Do’s

I’m sure we’ve all been exhausting our lists of places to check out looking for things to do over the last (several) weeks of strike time, so much so that our lists may need some replenishing for the spring and summer months ahead. So, whether you’re in Toronto for summer school or an internship or if you live here all year round, here are some ideas to help you pass the time. After all, summer is the best time to get outside and explore all that Toronto has to offer!

Education is a Basic Right: Examining Access to Education for Refugees

We all know at least a few of the levy organizations on campus, take Pro Tem or Lunik for example, but perhaps you’re not acquainted with one of Glendon’s lesser known levy orgs: WUSC. The World University Service of Canada-Glendon is our local college chapter of WUSC/L’EUMC, a Canadian organization dedicated to showing how education can change the world by helping to provide educational opportunities to the people who need it the most: refugees. Sadly, the fact is that educational barriers are pervasive.

My Sanity Shelf: A List of My Favourite Books

I once had a friend brag about how they’d never read a book for fun until they were 21; needless to say, I was shook to my core. Apparently, there are people out there who not only refuse to read, but act like it’s something to be proud of? I find it hard to believe that someone could live their life without even peeking at a Harry Potter novel, but then again, I am definitely not one of those people. I once read about the concept of a sanity shelf: a personal collection of books you read again and again for pure enjoyment. Since I always have a book in hand, and even took an American Literature course for fun, I thought I might share my own list of favourites (in no particular order) to help the skeptics among you discover that literature is lit!

The Great Outdoors

We’ve likely all heard the parental catchphrase “fresh air will do you good,” but (like many parental catchphrases) it rarely comes with an explanation as to why. And while it’s not wrong, you may be surprised at some of the many benefits going outside and getting fresh air can have for the body and mind. So, now that we are into April and are (theoretically) seeing the last of winter for a few months, here are some health-inspired reasons to spend more time outdoors!