All in Issue 3 2018/2019

John Kemp’s Kitchen: Minute Meals

As the semester progresses, I’m sure you’ve all been feeling the same pressure I have to keep up with classes, turn in assignments, and prepare for those nasty midterms. Recently, I made a great big pot of this hearty minestrone soup which I’ve certainly appreciated having ready when I get home from school after 9 hours of class. It’s chock-full of vegetables (and is in fact vegetarian with the parmesan; vegan without), making it a great one-bowl meal that’s still full of vitamins and nutrients. Have it with a couple slices of toasted rye and you’ve got yourself a solid weeknight meal.

Open Letter to Adherents of #MeToo

Please Note: this article discusses topics of sexual assault and rape culture.

The dawn of the #MeToo movement has catapulted the discussion about sexual assault into common discourse. Although social media is far from a perfect platform, sexual assault survivors have demanded the space to articulate their experiences through the movement.