All in Issue 4 2017/2018

L’État islamique continue à frapper. Que faire?

Un Islamique (Islamiste) roule au volant d’une camionnette sur des piétons, ce 31 octobre à New York, faisant huit morts et plusieurs blessés, en soutien à l’État islamique, déclare-t-il fièrement. Un autre avait fait de même au mois de mai, dans cette ville. Le 15 septembre, c’était à Londres, cinquième tentative d’assassinat collectif depuis le début de l’année rien qu’en Angleterre. Le 17 août, c’était en plein coeur de Barcelone, écrasant, une fois de plus, l’humanité au nom d’Allah.

Make Your Thursday Nights Better Than Average: A Review of TO’s Best Craft Beer Houses

I think it’s safe to say that after your first few years of undergrad, you end up looking for something slightly more relaxing to do after classes and after work to catch up with friends. After spending a summer on the Explore program, and the majority of my “outside-of-Toronto-time” in Northern Ontario, I’ve developed a keen liking for a solid brew with even better company. I think it’s important, though, to choose your spot wisely as every brew house has its specialties. Of course, we all know that in Toronto, a vibe can make or break your evening, so here are some of my favourite spots to grab a cold one with the boys.

Thoughts on “Loving Vincent”

I wouldn’t say I grew up as an art enthusiast, I was encouraged in that direction by my art-enthusiastic family and all the galleries they have taken me to. Not that I complained, but it wouldn’t have been my first choice for a Saturday afternoon activity. Nonetheless, it has helped me develop an appreciation for art, which, I think, is something that the more you know about, the more you can appreciate. It’s like how jazz music became a lot more interesting to me when I discovered it’s comprised mostly of improvisation. The same goes for visual art. Oil paintings become more impressive when you consider the science behind mixing the colours.

Where is my Safe Space?

York University, like many other post-secondary institutions, works to promote a diverse and inclusive environment for students to safely learn and grow. However, in our pursuit for environments free from stigma and aggressions, we often don’t realize the insidious byproduct that manifests itself in the process. When these “safe spaces” are developed, we must ask ourselves: who are they made to protect? Indeed, these areas are places in which students are safe from homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, fat-phobic, and a plethora of other “phobic” language that could potentially cause students emotional distress. The issue here is that this blanket-protection against what some deem as “problematic” speech, or even “hate speech”, has begun to smother intellectual debate. It is becoming increasingly hard to express one’s opinion without the accusation of being something-phobic or violating another student’s emotional safety.

Cs Get Degrees: A Challenge to Academic Apathy

Last week, I received my first ever C on a heavily-weighted assignment. At this point, I realize most of you will be groaning and moving on, who wants to hear the goody-good complain about their 3.9 GPA not being a 4.0? I completely understand, and my point here is not to brag. What is my point, you ask? Well, to put it simply, I am noticing more and more that I belong to a dying breed of students who truly care about their education, throughout their education.

Imperial Pub: Cheers à Toronto

Le Imperial Pub se trouve au en plein milieu de Toronto en face de l’Université Ryerson. Il se trouve à quelques pas à l’Est de Yonge et Dundas. Ce bar offre deux étages à explorer, mais le deuxième étage est celui qui mérite d’être visité. Lorsque vous montez les escaliers de l’Imperial, votre réaction sera inattendue. L'ambiance est un peu miteuse mais néanmoins très aimable. La décoration du bar donne l’impression qu’elle fait partie du set d’une épisode de Cheers; elle est composée d’une table de billard, quelques jukebox, plusieurs tables qui offrent la possibilité d’accueillir des groupes de personnes, deux paires de canapés. Enfin, la salle entière est entourée d’une bibliothèque de livres de genres variés. En général, il faut être bien bourré pour les comprendre.  

Sarah’s Spots: Exploring Toronto’s Live Music Venues


11 Polson Street


Formerly—maybe even infamously—known as the Sound Academy, Rebel underwent a massive renovation in early 2016, to the tune of 10 million dollars. This transformed the space notorious for its awful sightlines and horrible sound system into a 7500 sq. ft. high-tech sound oasis. Now if only they could have used some of that cash flow to relocate this venue somewhere a little less sketchy and out of the way, and maybe hire someone to come up with a better, more descriptive name than ‘Rebel’.


« Tout ce qui n’était pas essentiel serait enlevé, vous comprenez, Calla ? »

Calla a hoché la tête en regardant le médecin. Allongée sur la table d'opération, la déclaration du chirurgien lui semblait terriblement extrême. Il s’est penché envers elle pendant l'inspection en appuyant ses mains froides contre ses jambes, son ventre et sa poitrine. Calla a constaté qu'il avait probablement été un bel homme, avant d’avoir commencé sa carrière exigeante en médecine. Elle se demandait s’il avait lui-même déjà subi une chirurgie, mais il semblait impoli de demander.

How to be Successful at the Gym

As someone who played many different sports throughout high school, I was obligated to go to practice where I would get my daily dose of exercise. Now, as a second-year university student, I find myself slacking off by not getting a good amount of physical activity and not eating as healthy as I should be. After I completed first year, the toll of not participating in sports and going to the gym was noticeable on my body. Freshman Fifteen was becoming more of a reality than simply a myth of first year. When I walked out of my last exam of first year, I made the decision to get a gym membership in my hometown of Mississauga, and this is how I found the key to being successful at the gym!

Understanding the Contemporary Middle East: The Fall of Raqqa

On January 13, 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) expropriated the Syrian city of Raqqa. The organization would maintain effective control of the city for a further two and a half years. This era was marked by numerous atrocities including ethnic cleansing, public executions, and torture of the civilian population belonging to this once influential city. This ISIL stronghold quickly became a priority target for opposing forces as the city provided numerous tactical, defensive and strategic advantages.

Lion's Den

When I looked back at my first day of university, all of my memories come flooding back: the anxiousness of making new friends to the confusion of finding my classes. Even though I had attended all of the pre-university activities like March Break and Jumpstart, I was still nervous about what the first day was going to entail. Luckily for me, the first day of university was one of my favorite memories. I made a lot of friends and knew that Glendon would be my second home.

John Kemp’s Kitchen: Grandma’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

So, it has just hit me that it’s November, which is not only shocking because of the bounty of Christmas décor in the stores, but also because it means I’ve been here for over two months! In that time, I’ve travelled to cities within Switzerland, to Scotland, to Norway, and I may have a potential Croatia trip in December. However, even with all the incredible experiences I’ve been having here in Europe, there really is no place like home, and what better way to remember it by than food? That’s why, in this issue, I’ll be sharing my Grandma’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe, a simple recipe that always brings me home.

OGBA: A Product of Homesickness

Home is ringed by four stretches native to a malevolent heat of which neither touches the other as most borders do. Celestial Church Street is a lady hidden from view, draped in muted colors except for her crowning jewel, an ivory tower in royal purple and metallic grey. She is wise and knowledgeable, the cradle in which Agidingbi’s schools and churches find their being. She is perhaps most beautiful in the warm embrace of the daily sunset that rings her in a halo of vivid purples, pinks and golden yellows.