All in Issue 6 2017/2018

Top Albums of 2017

1. Brockhampton – Saturation Trilogy

It’s impossible to consider Brockhampton’s three amazing albums released this year as anything other than a unit, especially considering that they are titled as installments of the same project, Saturation. Aside from representing the most beautiful mix of hip-hop and R&B of 2017, the trilogy stands for the best that millennial music could offer, and for the ever-enduring truth that great music can come from anywhere, at any time, and from anyone. Brockhampton are a motley crew of eccentrics who know what they want and relentlessly strive to get it; their uncompromising push toward unbridled expression is evident on each one of these three albums. Constantly surprising, and never boring, Brockhampton brought the best that music in 2017 had to offer, and their future looks blindingly bright.

John Kemp’s Kitchen: Brining and Dining

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope your resolutions are still holding strong. Personally, I’ve never been much of a resolution type of guy; I’ve always figured that if I want to change something about myself, I should have some kind of concrete motivation to give the whole thing purpose, and I find that the somewhat arbitrary date that is the beginning of the new year just doesn’t cut it for me. That said, I did make a new discovery over the holidays which I’ll be committed to from here on out: brining meat.

Tofurky and New Year’s Resolutions?

This past holiday season, I tried the (slightly infamous) food that is Tofurky. I had never tried it before, but I’d heard many people joke about it − perhaps because the name sounds slightly unappealing. In any case, I didn’t find it all that bad. I mean, it’s definitely not going to become my new favourite food, or even my favourite meat-substitute, but at least I can finally say I’ve tried it, after being a vegetarian for many years.

What This ‘Shithole’ Inhabitant Wants You To Know: A Commentary on Trump’s [Latest] Racist Remarks

I woke up this morning to hear that the President of the United States believes that I come from a “shithole” country. Delightful. Despite his subsequent denials, Trump criticised immigration to his country from El Salvador, Haiti, and the African continent, by calling them all "shithole countries" at a meeting with members of Congress at the White House on January 11th. Instead, he called for more immigrants from places like Norway, a predominantly white population that modern white supremacists still look to as a model of racial purity. Typical. 

Sarah’s Spots: Exploring Toronto’s Live Music Venues - The Cameron House

The Cameron House

408 Queen St. W.

Growing up in Toronto, The Cameron House was one of the first bars I wanted to visit when I turned 19. The spray painted storefront was regularly redone, often displaying vibrant portraits of women that covered the entire exterior wall. When I finally walked in for the first time, I was a little overwhelmed by the excessive decor in such a small area.

Minimum Wage Increase… More Like Misfortune

When you first heard about the Ontario Liberal Party's idea to increase minimum wage back in 2014, your first reaction was probably to be ecstatic. I know mine was — then I realized what a horrible misfortune it would really be for this legislation to pass, which it ultimately did. On January 1st, the minimum wage in Ontario increased to $14 an hour. But what about people not earning minimum wage? Did their salaries also increase $2.40 an hour? The answer is absolutely not, and that is a major issue.

The Trees Grow for Miles

The trees grow for mile; beautiful and tall. They are a power of their own. We look to them for life, and we tear them down for sport. Yet my words will egg on to the page in perfect parallel lines, never to be confronted. Though they seem disconnected at first, the print will steal away all this work, as the foresters skin the trees and submit them to torture in order for my thoughts to live and breathe.

Krysta’s Picks — Let’s Do Brunch!

I’m back! Now that we’ve all (hopefully) begun our new year’s resolutions, I’m assuming that waking up early, going to the gym, and increasing our productivity are all goals we have! And I don’t think there’s a better way to motivate yourself to get going than to wake up early and get your socializing crossed off the list over a delicious brunch! And if you’re anything like me, instagram crafting, mimosa sipping, avocado-eating types of brunches are the kind you’ll need to try! Now there are definitely some special places in this big city, and after having tried quite a few, here are the top three on my revisit-to-stuff-my-face list.

L’Université de l’Ontario français : Où se trouve Glendon dans ce débat?

Perhaps Glendon isn’t such a special place after all? At least by 2020 it won’t be  – 2020 will mark the start of the inaugural academic year for l’Université de l’Ontario Français (UOF), breaking into the market of post-secondary institutions in Ontario whose programs are taught in French. How will it be different from other bilingual universities, like Laurentian or Glendon? Firstly, it will be the only university to offer all their courses, and subsequently their degrees, exclusively in French. Secondly, it could potentially be an institution governed by and for Francophones – though the details of this second distinction are still being sorted out. At the time of writing, a planning committee is in charge of seeing through the development of curriculum, governance structure, and other logistics, with pressure from the francophone community to have a say in the matter – a letter published by l’Assemblé de la Francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) highlights the need for francophone representation on the committee.

Why Physical Health is Mental Health

With all the talk surrounding #BellLetsTalk today, as well was the demand on campus for more mental health initiatives and awareness, it’s clear that the fast-paced, demanding environment we live in takes a toll on people. At the institutional level, mental health is definitely cast aside; universities and colleges rarely take into account the stresses that come along with today’s educational standards. With increasing GPAs requirements for graduate studies or professional programs, higher tuition costs, and higher living costs (especially in Toronto), it’s inevitable that students are going to face, at minimum, feelings of anxiety during their post-secondary careers.

The Madness After Wonderland

The large grandfather clock that stood in the corner of the room glared at Dr. Rockwell showing half past 6, much to his dismay. He impatiently tapped a pencil against his clipboard as he waited for his next patient: Alice. While Alice’s case may not have been anything all that foreign to him, she had definitely proven to be difficult at the most unsavoury of times. Such difficulties placed a strain on his well-being as he glanced at his reflection in the silver china that laid on the table before him. A man who was of the age of 27 stared back at him, but he certainly did not look younger than 40. What was left of his thick, jet-black hair was now heavily sparse on the crown of his head and appeared to be a dusty gray shade. His overall build, much to his wife’s chagrin, became delicate and fragile as his bones began to protrude through his skin. If someone did not know any better, they would have thought that he was a patient at the “Little Peaks Sanatorium”. Sometimes, he felt as though he were one, with what he saw during his first few months working at the sanatorium, his mind became a place of terror.

Review of The Greatest Showman

A couple weeks ago, I saw the film The Greatest Showman at a nearby cinema and since then, I’ll admit with no shame that I’ve been to see it two more times. That considered, this review will be equally a recommendation. For those who haven’t heard of this movie, in a nutshell, it portrays the life story of P.T. Barnum and how he created the art of show-business. Without giving too many spoilers, here’s what stood out to me about this film.

Open Letter to the Proposers of Plurilingual Foundations: An Alternate Path to the Glendon BA/BSc

Tout d’abord, nous vous remercions du travail et du temps que vous avez investi dans le développement de cette proposition. Le débat qu’elle soulève est pertinent, voire nécessaire, pour une institution qui se veut en renouvellement perpétuel. Glendon a besoin de se repositionner et de bien définir sa marque par rapport à la nouvelle Université Francophone de l’Ontario.

Glendon’s Lettres D’amour

Dear fellow students,


I want to start off this letter by letting you know, life is not easy. Life does not come with an instruction manual, nor does it come with a guideline. We all get pooled together and hope for the best outcome for everyone – sadly, that is not always the case. We forget to acknowledge that people have off-days. We forget that our emotions are not meant to be suppressed. We forget that we are completely and entirely entitled to every drop of love.

Cracking Black Mirror: My Top Three Episodes of Season Four

Attention all binge-watchers! Netflix just released season four of the Emmy Award winning show, Black Mirror. As always, Charlie Brooker, the creator of the series, delivers Black Mirror’s special brand of reimagined and modernized Twilight Zone twists and turns, which are set inside an inhuman, technologically-induced dystopia — the kind we are inevitably headed towards. If you haven’t already devoured the fourth season along with a bag of microwave popcorn in one night over the holidays (like I have), consider yourself warned: this article contains many spoilers!

An Update on the Thailand Symposium

A staple in the ILST department for the past twenty-three years, the International Studies Symposium is a student-run event which gives a team of eight students the opportunity to work together to create an academic research conference on a country of their choice. This conference is held in second semester and is designed to be equal parts academic and accessible. The idea is to introduce the Glendon community to a country, its culture, history, economy, politics, and so much more!