All in Issue 7 2017/2018

La sous-représentation des femmes dans l’industrie musicale

Lors de la 60ème cérémonie des Grammy Awards le 28 janvier, les invités ont été encouragés à porter des roses blanches en solidarité avec le mouvement #MeToo. Ce geste était destiné à illustrer le soutien des femmes au sein de l’industrie de la musique, mais cette idée s'estompe plus vite que les fleurs sur tant de revers, puis que Grammy après Grammy a été attribué aux hommes. Alessia Cara, la gagnante de la catégorie du meilleur nouvel artiste, est la seule musicienne à remporter un prix solo; en tout, seulement 11 sur les 84 prix de la soirée ont été remportés par des femmes.

David’s Discs: What to Check Out This Month

Movie: Phantom Thread

The last time director Paul Thomas Anderson and actor Daniel Day-Lewis made a film together, they gave us the greatest film of the century thus far in 2007’s There Will Be Blood. Needless to say, there was huge anticipation for Phantom Thread leading up to its release and it had a lot to live up to.

The Pro Tem Team Sizes Up This Year’s Nominees for Best Picture!

Call Me by Your Name is a trilingual treasure set in Lombardy, Italy, circa 1983. Timothée Chalamet, a gifted young Franco-American, plays the role of Elio, a cultured 17-year-old who switches effortlessly from English to French to Italian throughout the film. Every summer, Elio’s academic father welcomes an American intern into their villa, and so the handsome Oliver, played by Armie Hammer, settles into the bedroom adjoining Elio’s. The sexual tension builds between the two young men as they fall in love in a social context not yet ready to accept their relationship. Both men often find themselves at odds with their desire for each other, struggling to figure out how to reconcile their homosexuality with their Jewish faith. In contrast to the typical narrative, Elio’s parents’ unwavering love for their son is beautifully portrayed, culminating in a touching monologue about love and acceptance from Elio’s father towards the end of the film. This is a movie that gets better as it goes on. In fact, I would watch it again and again just to feel the tension build to the final scene—one of the most drawn-out, authentic, and raw depictions of heartache I have ever seen on screen.

Pro Tem’s Spring Referendum

Did you know that Pro Tem is having a referendum next month? Well, we are, and we need your vote!

What will you be voting for if you vote ‘YES’ for Pro Tem?

  • A BIG step towards Pro Tem’s financial independence from the GCSU

  • A student newspaper able to operate in a more critical manner, without fear of financial renegotiations

  • A $0.10 per credit increase to the levy we receive directly from student tuition, which will be offsetting a $0.13 per credit decrease already set in place with the GCSU

  • Having this levy be indexed to the Toronto Consumer Price Index to account for year-to-year increases in our operational costs

Do We Even Need Student Unions?

I recently transferred to Glendon from a college in my hometown of Red Deer, Alberta. I spent both of my years there serving as a councillor on my institution’s student union (SU). During this time, I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of accountability and representation, as well as the omnipresent corruption and financial irresponsibility. I naively thought this was unique to my institution and the fault of individual mismanagement. My journey to Glendon proved this intuition wrong when I learned about the stolen $20 000 of student money and the recent resignations of more than half of the executive team. Friends across the country attending different institutions have reported similar experiences with their respective SUs and some quick research will show this is nothing new—it is a nationwide problem. Of course, the members of the GCSU and the members of SUs across the country should be held accountable for what happens under their watch; however, corruption and lack of accountability are symptoms of a broken institution, something that can’t be fixed with well-meaning student leaders. Instead, it can only be fixed with structural reform or, potentially, the elimination of student unions entirely.

Glander à Glendon

Quand j’étais plus jeune, je pensais qu’il était impossible d’étudier en français dans une province anglophone. Plus tard, j’ai effectué un échange à Glendon et j’ai changé d’avis. Glendon est le campus bilingue de l’université York établi sur la propriété historique de la famille Wood. Il accueille plus de 200 nouveaux étudiants chaque année, qui viennent de partout dans le monde. Le nom « Glendon » se prête à de nombreux jeux de mots. En effet, lorsqu’il est prononcé à la française, ce mot ressemble énormément au verbe glander conjugué au présent à la première personne du pluriel: « glandons ». Est-ce réellement possible de glander, à moins de réellement le vouloir, dans une école exigeante où les activités et les occupations ne manquent pas ?

The After Feeling

After is such a long avenue. It is a party long ended; the room in chaos, full of dirty dishes and unarranged chairs. It is taking your hands from lemon dishwater and half-hearted handshakes and slipping them into your pockets. It is walking home in new heels and then walking flat on the cold kitchen floor.

My Journey into Meal Planning and Why I Recommend it

As students, we are constantly trying to balance assignments, tests and due dates—on top of all our other responsibilites—so naturally, finding something that is going to make our lives even a little bit easier is always welcome. For me, that something was meal planning. I realize this isn’t a particularly novel idea, but it’s a bandwagon I recently jumped on and it’s helped my day to day life become far more manageable, so I thought I’d share!

John Kemp’s Kitchen: The Moroccan Experience

As the semester comes back into swing, everyone is busying themselves with assignments and generally getting back into the grind leading up to the end of another school year. This year, I’m lucky enough to have several weeks before classes start up again on the 19th of February here in Lausanne, so I figured what better way to spend the free time than travelling? This thought brought myself and a friend down to the magical (and somewhat mysterious) country of Morocco. It’s pretty seldom that we hear from this North African nation, but I can assure you it’s a place I’ll never forget.

Bell, Let’s Talk About the Issues with a Corporate-Led Mental Health Initiative

New discussions about mental health are rapidly eroding old misconceptions about well-being. We’re de-stigmatizing mental illness and de-mystifying emotional wellness. The Bell Let’s Talk initiative—which held its seventh annual fundraiser on Wednesday, January 31—stands near the forefront of this cultural shift. By donating five cents for every text and call under Bell networks and for every tweet using #BellLetsTalk, the 2018 campaign was credited with raising nearly $6.92 million for mental health initiatives and promoting public awareness. But, like many big business pursuits, ulterior motives and insincerity are in close proximity. A sludge of issues underlie the progressive veneer of this corporate act of charity, appropriately throwing its goodwill into question.

How To Save Our Planet

Day by day, the state of our environment worsens. In an increasingly plastic-based and pollution-emitting world, being environmentally conscious is becoming more and more difficult. As we make our way through the first few months of 2018, many begin to break New Year’s resolutions regarding efforts to help fight climate change. Like most resolutions, these are quickly abandoned in the first few weeks of the new year.

Public Policy, Private Politics

Traditionally, there have been three topics of conversation to avoid when talking to strangers, or people outside your immediate family: money, politics, and religion. Up until the 1960s, talking publicly about sex was so unthinkable that the authors of etiquette guides would only add this fourth category to their repertoire in the decades that followed. But today, one of these topics stands out among the rest. The election of Donald Trump has definitely stoked the miasma of watercooler debate, but political discussion (often leading to friendly debates, and not-so-friendly arguments) has increased significantly over the past few years, matching the growing amount of partisanship and polarization. This is happening in Canada and Europe as well. Alt-right groups are less afraid to openly parade their racist and distorted ideologies in the streets (see: Charlottesville), and radical leftists are willing to circumvent freedom of speech/expression and even the criminal code to counter their political enemies (see: “punch a Nazi”).

L’alliance belgo-canadienne

En tant que belge, au sein de l’Union Européenne, nous sommes souvent considérés comme les habitants du pays du surréalisme! En effet, la Belgique, par sa complexité institutionnelle et linguistique, est souvent moquée par ses voisins. Je pensais donc être préparé aux structures de gouvernements lourdes et complexes dues à un fédéralisme centrifuge mal organisé. Et pourtant, au Canada, j’ai découvert un sérieux concurrent à notre casse-tête chinois belge! En étudiant des cours axés sur les politiques locales canadiennes, je me suis aperçu que le Canada était un concurrent de taille face à la Belgique en ce qui concerne la complication de son système politique! Comment arrivez-vous à vous retrouvez avec autant de gouvernements et de niveaux de pouvoir différents? Je crois qu’il faudrait passer un vie entière à essayer de comprendre qui gère réellement les transports en commun à Toronto…

La francophonie plurielle: une réalité canadienne

Glendon jouit d’un mélange tout à fait hétérogène d’étudiants et de membres du personnel anglophones, francophones, hispanophones, et venant des quatre coins du monde. Situé au sein d’une métropole, d’une province et d’un pays vastement anglophone, Glendon se démarque de par son emphase sur le bilinguisme et sur la francophonie. Cette dernière y est mise en valeur, perçue à juste titre comme un avantage pour les étudiants et non pas comme un fardeau. Mais au-delà des murs de ce havre, le concept malgré tout complexe de la « francophonie » canadienne et mondiale demeure flou, mystérieux, et ce pour de nombreuses personnes non seulement non-francophones, mais également pour celles venant de France et du Québec. En effet, plusieurs québécois et français perçoivent les canadiens francophones venant d’autres parties du Canada de manière limitée et erronée.

Cam’s Corner: Exploring Toronto’s Live Music Venues

After a while, Toronto’s grungy music venues all start to feel similar. For those looking to shake it up and experience something new, Cherry Cola’s is the place for you! If you find yourself frequently in the Queen and Bathurst area, you may have actually walked by it several times without having a clue of the wondrous world that exists beyond its extremely non-descript exterior. Here’s a list of all the best things about this extravagant bar: