All in Issue 8 2017/2018

With the threat of this strike looming around us for weeks, Pro Tem took the chance to get your thoughts on the way things have been being dealt with. Note: all opinions voiced here will remain anonymous but should not be interpreted as those of Pro Tem or its current team in any way.

A Review of Marvel’s Black Panther

For most people, the word “superhero” conjures up the image of a burly white guy flying around in a cape. Perhaps that is why Marvel’s Black Panther broke the box office, grossing a whopping $476.6 million US in its opening weekend. Despite its enormous success, it should be noted that Black Panther is neither the first nor the only black superhero to have his own movie. It begs the question, why is Black Panter already so successful?

David’s Discs: What to check out (or avoid) this month

Will Toledo is a singer-songwriter in his mid-20s who has been making lo-fi rock music since 2010 under the name Car Seat Headrest. Initially, he was the sole member of the project, independently releasing all his albums on Bandcamp. Then, in 2015, he signed with Matador Records and recruited a guitarist, bassist and drummer. As a result, the releases of 2015’s Teens of Style and 2016’s Teens of Denial were accompanied by the backing of the label and several notable music publications, widening his audience considerably.

Krysta’s Picks: Vegan Eats

Going vegan has turned into a trendy-but-healthy lifestyle choice, one which many millennials (and others, although it’s undoubtedly a millennial-dominated affair) are making in hopes of a sustainable, animal-friendly new world. So whether you’re starting with meatless Monday, are just going vegetarian or a full-on planet-saving granola-and-20k-run-every-morning vegan, these restaurants are sure to please the appetite and the soul!

La soirée Franc’Open Mic

Ce semestre, nous faisons un stage avec Florian et Cyril, les fondateurs de Franc’Open Mic. Ce stage nous offre une variété de possibilités pour améliorer notre français parlé, par exemple en assistant à des soirées open mic. Le 15 février, nous avons eu la chance d'assister pour la première fois à une des soirées.

For those of you who don’t know me, I spend my Thursdays volunteering at the Centre of Social Innovation - Spadina, which is located right in the heart of Chinatown (FYI if you haven’t seen my snaps, this hood is filled with the cutest dogs in the 6ix!). Over the past six months of my volunteering here, I’ve introduced myself to a wide range of people either working at or visiting the space, including a Vice news crew, several local politicians and environmental activists, some Nobel Prize winners and more. Often when I introduce myself as a student at Glendon College, the response I get, nine times out of 10, is: “Glendale? Where’s that?” Or, just as common: “London? You mean Western? My sister/best friend/dog walker’s second cousin went there!” And I know I’m not the only one, so I’m writing this article for all my ‘Glendale’ peers to ‘bring it on’ with the facts the next time someone asks what Glendon is!

Finding Toronto’s Sound: Can living rooms and the internet save Toronto’s musical heritage?

“I know some in this audience may be skeptical of my positivity as live music venues are closing, but venues are opening too!” proclaimed Mayor John Tory at the opening ceremony of the Canadian Music Week's Music Cities Summit last year. Unfortunately for Tory, his remarks are often drowned out by the sound of bulldozers destroying many of this city’s cultural landmarks. It might surprise some newer Torontonians, but this city was once a hub of grunge, rock, counterculture and musical innovation. Long lost venues — such as the Rockit, Bigbop, Silver Dollar Lounge, Funhaus, Wrongbar and El Mocambo — have hosted (and birthed) many famous musicians. Despite this rich history, it seems every week a new development proposal is tacked on another venue door. Despite Tory’s reassurance, the never-ending conversion of culture into condominiums and Rexalls will continue unabated. Nevertheless, a shift is happening — a retooling, and maybe one that signals a revolution in live music in a city built on NIMBYism and chain pubs.

Tout étudiant devrait, au moins une fois dans leur vie, faire des études à l’étranger, que ce soit en Europe, en Amérique du Sud ou ailleurs. J’encourage vivement tout étudiant à Glendon inscrit en lettres, langues et autres disciplines d’arts libéraux à vivre cette expérience enrichissante. Cependant, comme toute aventure, celle-ci ne vient pas sans épreuves. Voici donc quelques astuces et conseils pour réussir en France.

Why I’m Choosing to #LeaveThePackBehind

They say addictions are tough; withdrawal is horrible. This is my story.

It was first year and I didn’t really know anyone. I grew close to a few people in my classes. Sometimes they went out for a smoke, sometimes we just stayed in the caf. They would come back inside with rosy cheeks and a smell that I didn’t like. That smell grew on me.

John Kemp’s Kitchen: The Human Touch

When I was growing up, my dad always insisted that we eat dinner together as a family every night. He would say that it’s talking to each other over the dinner table that keeps a family together. Of course, being my father’s son, I would hear what he was saying, but never take it seriously. Yes, it was nice eating with everyone together, but I always felt like he was overemphasizing the importance of it all. And as with most things, you realise don’t how good it is until it’s gone.

Stress: A Student Nightmare

It’s no secret that students deal with stress. It’s become the social norm to be stressed, sleepless, hopeless and overwhelmed. Of course, it’s normal to have stress in life; if there was someone who didn’t have a single stress in their life, I would like to know what kind of life they were leading! That said, the degree to which today’s students feel stress is unbelievable. In 2013, The Globe and Mail published an article discussing a study about Canadian students and stress. In a survey of 30,000 students, 90% said they were overwhelmed, 63% said they were lonely (I’m extrapolating that they feel this way because of work keeping them from socializing for fear of failure), and 50% said they felt hopeless. Even more shocking: of those 30,000 students, 9.5% said that they had seriously considered taking their own lives as a result of stress. Imagine if that study had’ve been done here at Glendon, with our small population of around 2,700 students, if 9.5% were suicidal that would equate to roughly one in ten students.

Why You Should Go Cruelty Free

Animal testing dates back several centuries; tests using animals like rabbits, dogs and mice was the norm from Dolly the Sheep to the millions of rodents used for toxicology tests. In 2018, one might assume that we have attained a greater consideration for the lives of animals, but that assumption would be fallacious. Perhaps the insignificance of animal lives could have stemmed from Kant and his beliefs that non-human lives contained no value. In Kantian ethics, there would be nothing wrong with this practice, as he believed that an animal’s life is meaningless if the animal in question fails to bring you pleasure. While this might have been a traditional view at the time, it does not excuse the brutal conditions under which animals are treated. No animal deserves to be treated in this way, regardless of how fast they reproduce.

The Kids Are Not Alright: Survivors of Gun Violence Take a Stand

Another day, another mass shooting on United States soil. In 2017, the U.S. saw a total of 346 mass shootings — nearly one mass shooting for each day of the year. 2018 is keeping pace with these figures, with 30 mass shooting as of February 14th, the day of the heartbreaking Douglas High shooting. With 17 dead and dozens injured, the Douglas High shooting is the worst of 2018 — and these Florida kids are fed up.

1920s: Lacy and Tom

Author’s Note: This is an excerpt of a much greater (incomplete) work.

The rolling hills carried wind from the countryside to the city, and by dusk, the industrial smog that had taken hold of Manhattan in the day was ushered away by the labours of the strong gusts. The asphalt tiles of rooftops and cement roads, at last found relief from the beatings of the sweltering afternoon heat, as the sun set and the horizons coloured to a navy hue. A jet black Auburn drove up the incline of Main Street. Cars had been double-parked alongside the road for the past mile, and continued onwards, but in an increasingly dense fashion, as the Auburn approached midtown.