All in Issue Eight 2016/2017

Letter From the Editor: Issue Eight, Volume 55

The last month of classes is here, and to end the year on a high note, the Glendon clubs and organizations are putting together a multitude of events for students to enjoy. Clubs and organizations are the backbone of the Glendon experience, so it is very important to support them. Whether you are a frequent Glendon event goer, or you are just beginning to emerge out of your res room, I encourage you to attend at least one of the events happening on campus over the next month.

Women on Television: It's their Broad City and We're Just Living In It

In the midst of avoiding the eye of midterms' storm, and to subsequently celebrate reading week, I binge watched the Comedy Central series Broad City starring Ilana Glazer as Ilana Wexler and Abbi Jacobson as Abbi Abrams. This fiercely fresh comedy saw the finale of its third season and has been renewed for a fourth and fifth. Rightly so, considering the originality that co-creators Wexler and Jacobson have graced their cult following with, proving that brash and brazen funny women are a force to be reckoned with.

Le grand serpent du monde : un trésor à découvrir

Lauréat du prix Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2000, Yves Dion a réalisé un film impressionnant qui se présente sous forme de fiction intitulé Le grand serpent du monde en 1999. Grâce à sa compétence et à son talent incontestables, ce réalisateur québécois a laissé une forte empreinte sur le spectateur, moi incluse. Son œuvre, soit un récit d’amour avec des nuances psychologiques, nous fait voyager dans des univers mentaux complexes. 

#GLExit: More than a Meme, A Call for an Independent Student Union

When this article is published, the elections for the Executive of the York Federation of Students will have just passed. Predictably, it has most likely resulted in a sweep by the incumbent Student Action slate, as it has for time immemorial. This election is one that is particularly disappointing for those who actively follow student union politics, as there was only one candidate for Glendon Representative, due to the Bloc Glendonois candidate being rejected under shady circumstances. It is clear that we stand at a crossroads in regards to student politics at York, and Glendon must take steps to distance itself from the YFS and CFS, working to build a strong, independent GCSU.

L’art du discours: la clé du leadership

Le 10 février, le Salon Cœur de Lion a organisé le Sommet sur le leadership et les carrières de Glendon. Cet après-midi rempli de présentations, d’ateliers et de réseautage est destiné à fournir aux étudiants de l’Université York des astuces professionnelles et à faciliter leur accès au marché du travail. Les étudiants du campus Glendon et du campus Keele ont eu l’occasion de rencontrer des employeurs, de participer à des ateliers de perfectionnement des compétences, d’améliorer leur profil professionnel ainsi que de rencontrer des diplômés.  

A Recap on the LMG Fashion Show 2017

Another year, and another successful fashion show for LMG: La Mode à Glendon. On Friday, February 17, LMG held their third annual fashion show in the Glendon Theatre. It was a night of fashion and music with a variety of designers and performers. The models worked the runway, showcasing the interesting creations of designers who experimented with different colours, textures and styles.

The Final Escape

Their words crashed through her mind as she ran down that familiar gravel road, wind and gravity propelling her towards her oasis. She could feel her body fighting against her. She stopped, wheezing, beneath the shady oak tree where she'd had her first kiss. Could that really only have been ten years ago? Time had become relative. Six months…

Why I Stopped Eating Meat: Why and How to go Veg

Last summer, I stopped eating meat. While this sounds like a terrible idea to most people, such as my parents and friends, I decided this was something I really needed to do. Months later, I stand by my decision and don’t even take a second look at a hamburger. Any meat lover will probably stop reading, but if you have any interest in the benefits of avoiding meat then you’ve come to the right place.

Une soirée remplie d'espoir

Le 5 juillet 2013, 75 patients adolescents de l'hôpital SickKids de Toronto se sont préparés pour le 5e bal annuel. Cette soirée incroyable est organisée chaque année par le Département d'événements sociaux et de bénévolat à SickKids depuis 2009. Son but est de créer une expérience positive à l'hôpital en organisant divers événements spéciaux grâce auxquels les patients peuvent se détendre, s'amuser et se sentir plus « normaux ».

Chicken Soup for the Student Soul

“Go to school. Get a job. Go to work. Get married. Have kids. Watch TV. Obey the law. Now, repeat after me: I am free.” You might have seen this line on your socialist friend’s Facebook feed. We know, however, the truth is more complex– especially when it comes to education. School and the ways in which we approach it can be a dynamic and consequential pursuit.

The City by Glendon

Negotiating the ins and outs of the city can be hard, especially for out-of-towners. There’s a whole city that exists outside 2275 Bayview Avenue, as shocking as it may seem. I remember how easy it was to stay in instead of going to explore Toronto when I lived in residence. All too comfortable to slip into the drunk state of mind and turn the pre-drink in Wood A210 for the rest of the night; everybody putting their coats away for another drink-or five-and secretly breathing in a sigh of relief at not having to trek all the way downtown.