All in Issue Five 2016/2017

How My Tattoo Gave Me Strength

I’ve always loved tattoos; whether a simple phrase or an elaborate sleeve, I find them to be incredible and unique works of art. Ever since I was a young teenager, I’ve thought and rethought of a million different designs that I’d want to put on my body, including pawprints, mandalas, and even characters from movies or books. Several years ago, my mother got my brother and my names placed on her wrists with a butterfly and a dragonfly, and my father opted for a half sleeve of a tiger. This only increased my curiosity and admiration, creating an itch that could only be scratched by a tattoo gun. It led to a booking with the oldest running tattoo artist in Thunder Bay, Dean Bruno of Living Colour. I was going to get a bold, yet simple triangle placed a few inches above my left heel.

Fitbits: The 10,000 Step Resolution

Year after year, when the clock strikes midnight announcing the 1st of January, we can’t help but wonder what our resolutions should be. Often, they tend to circle around similar ideas – eating healthier, getting more sleep, and hardest of all, working out more. Personally, I have always loved working out; however, this past year, I found it harder than ever to stay on track with a consistent workout schedule. Thankfully, I received quite an interesting gadget for Christmas – a Fitbit. I immediately became excited to see if this fitness tracker will in fact play even the slightest role in helping me achieve my New Year resolution of getting back into exercising.

John Kemp’s Kitchen: The Big Mac and Big Margins - A Guide to Food Costing

Being a student is tough. As much as the university and social experience is enlightening and transformative, it includes tight deadlines and being on your own for the first time, which can be incredibly stressful. The biggest source of stress for most students living on their own is money, especially when it comes to sourcing out sustenance. So, what to do when money’s tight and you need to eat? Cheap fast food, right? Mickey D’s perhaps? Let me give you a heads-up: it’s cheaper, healthier, and plain-old tastier when you cook for yourself. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at an example.

A longer time ago, in that galaxy far, far away: Rogue One - A Star Wars Story Movie Review

The feeling that comes from sitting in a movie theatre in 2016 knowing you are about to watch a brand new Star Wars film is nothing short of magical. The lights dim, the retro backdrop of deep black space with spotted blue stars appears, and you are filled with nostalgia. The recent couple of years have seen the continuing of the Star Wars Anthology series. The Force Awakens began to tell the story that unfolds long after Return of the Jedi, and now Rogue One: A Star Wars Story stands at the forefront of the entire space opera, predating the events that lead to A New Hope

Friends of Glendon

n the late 1960s, students studying at Glendon reached out to the College staff asking for financial help. Within a few years, a fund for bursary and emergency loan support had been created through monthly giving from Glendon staff and faculty, helping lay the foundation for what we now know as Friends of Glendon.

De plus en plus bas: La ville du Pont des Soupirs

Venise : la capitale de la région italienne de la Vénétie, et une ville riche en histoire, en vie culturelle, en traditions. La ville du grand compositeur Antonio Vivaldi, où chaque coin est caractéristique de l'architecture qui mêle accents tantôt byzantins, tantôt ottomans, est en danger. Les merveilles qui font de Venise l’objet de milliers de visites touristiques par jour ne peuvent la sauver des menaces auxquelles elle fait face. La combinaison de facteurs environnementaux et socio-politiques l’endommage progressivement, un Soupir à la fois.