All in Issue One 2017/2018

John Kemp’s Kitchen: From Switzerland with Love

Welcome back to Glendon, everyone!


It is with some irony that I say this seeing as I am not returning to Glendon along with you this year. Instead, I am lucky enough to be on exchange in the beautiful city of Lausanne, Switzerland. Yes, that means I’ll be spending the year in the land of expensive watches and fantastic skiing, and more importantly, delectable cheeses and decadent chocolates. Although this year’s articles will be different in format from last year’s (think: less recipes, more food journalism), I encourage you to take the experiences I will document to heart and continue to develop your culinary insights.

A Film Festival For Everyone!

So chances are you missed out on seeing the stars at TIFF again, even though you promised yourself you would take the time to go and check out that cool documentary or next summer’s sure-to-be mega-blockbuster. If this sounds like you, don't worry! Despite what the popular media would have you believe, TIFF isn't the only film festival offered in the city! In fact, you might be able to catch the other TIFF - that is, the Toronto Independent Film Festival - and actually be able to say that you did go to TIFF.


The world was quiet when it snowed. Eugene had come to this conclusion after many days of walking home from the bus stop with his head down, as he watched his light-up sneakers glow bright red against the white frost that covered the grass.

Starting School Stress-Free: Counteracting Procrastination with Time Management Methods

It’s safe to say that the greatest opponent to time management is procrastination. Whether it comes in the form of sleep, pets, or Netflix, procrastinating has a snowball effect which is all too familiar. As university students with years of procrastinating under our belts, we know that the more we procrastinate, the more vicious a cycle it becomes, inevitably resulting in coffee-fueled nuit blanches come academic crunch times. Now perhaps the one good thing about this age-old opposition is that it works the other way around too: good time management practices can override bad procrastination habits.

B2B: A Sanctuary

Toronto is a city where emotions are constantly colliding. It is a city where one can find refuge, while also feeling alienated and alone. This city will bring out feelings you never thought you had. You will experience falling in love in the most unusual places. Cultivating an unbreakable bond with particular neighbourhoods where you and your significant other spent memorable times. Places where the end of the night isn’t until five in the morning. You will also experience meeting new people whose value will rise above all else - people who will teach you a lot about life and contribute to your growth.

Apocryphal Apocalypse: Thoughts on Hurricanes and the Human Condition

Over the summer break, I helped a family friend move some boxes from a storage locker into his apartment. He’s a reasonable, intelligent, highly educated man who happens to be a tenured professor at a reputable Canadian university. He is also a survivalist. In his apartment, he has enough freeze-dried food to last 10 years, along with cooking fuel and other equipment, and half a dozen legally obtained firearms. To most of us, this over-preparedness in anticipation for a post-apocalyptic scenario seems silly, verging on absurd. However, the recent series of hurricanes battering the southern United States turned my past skepticism about survivalism into a new-found curiosity. Why do most of us feel like nothing bad is ever going to happen, and why are we so unprepared when it inevitably does?

“We Love Dick!” - An Ambivert’s Guide to Frosh Week

Even having known that orientation is intended to get froshies to break out of their shells, I never imagined that I would be parading through the streets of Toronto, chanting and screaming how much I love Dick (also known as Richard, Glendon’s favourite blue lion mascot). Most of all, I could never have anticipated how much I would enjoy it. So whether you missed out on Frosh this year, or your GLO-time has come and gone and this year’s social media hype has you waxing nostalgic, and especially if you’re a fellow Froshie suffering through the first weeks of class going through serious withdrawal, have no fear! Your friendly campus ambivert is here to give you a breakdown of GLO-WEEK.

Employment in a Time of Graduation: The pressure to have a “plan”

Exams end in a whirlwind of late nights: scattered papers, empty mugs of tea, and a bed that has not been relaxed in for far too long. But then comes relief — it’s finally done! That last paper has been submitted, undergrad is officially over. You can sleep all day — heck, all weekend if you want. Then the alarm buzzes, and you’re off to campus again, but this time for work. Spring has sprung, the summer grind has begun, and now the wait for graduation day begins! That was the start to my summer 2017.

A Desire I Had to Hide in a Hole: The Problem with French Language Teaching

During my academic exchange abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, I had to take an oral exam for one of my courses. The course dealt with significant historical events and how they shaped literature. At the start of the exam, the students taking the oral exam received an extract of a text written in medieval French. One hour was allotted for us to read the text and make notes. Then, we each had a 30-minute session with the professor to describe how the extract related to the historic events we had studied and other literary extracts read in class. The professor assured us that it wasn't the level of our spoken French that interested him but whether or not we could comment on the text in an educated way. Sounds like an easy exam, right?

Sarah’s Spots: Exploring Toronto’s Live Music Venues

The Rivoli is one of the go-to hangouts for those who frequent Queen West, and for good reason. With its classy, yet reasonably priced restaurant in the front (featuring great burgers and a good overall selection), its sleazy looking entrance to a solid music venue in the back, and its little-known swanky pool hall and bar upstairs, the Rivoli is undoubtedly one of Toronto’s hidden gems.

Wall of Separation: How Social Media Distorts Our Politics

When we think about social media, most people in our generation see it as a force of good in the world. In the last decade, Facebook has allowed society at large to witness the documentation of police brutality, criminal activity, and acts of heroism alike. The creation of crowdfunding initiatives for individuals faced with insurmountable burdens is commonplace. Large corporations are now under the surveillance of their customers, and an inconsequential public relations misstep can easily spiral into a multi-billion dollar loss of equity. Twitter was especially instrumental in the mobilization efforts of protesters during the Arab Spring in 2010-2012. At its worst, social media can often seem to be a monumental waste of time, but that’s usually the extent of the criticism for our beloved social media platforms.

A Guide to Toronto’s Top Three Thrift Stores

Whether it be for the practical sake of saving a dollar, the nostalgic thrill of hunting down a hidden treasure from decades past, or a simple desire to avoid the ethical controversy of “fast fashion”, buying second-hand has become more than just a fad popularized in a song. No longer solely for those tight on cash, thrifting has evolved past its former stigmas and stereotypes to secure itself a place in the mainstream culture of our generation. Personally, my own love of thrifting was born when I became obsessed with the style of eras long past, and when I realized I could get my hands on authentic one-of-a-kind pieces for $1.99. For those of us who have developed our own strategic rituals of scouring the racks for the perfect find, thrifting goes way beyond “picking up the necessities” — it’s a full-blown hobby.