All in Issue Three 2016/2017

Fundamentals of Mortgages

As we grow older and become more interested in having a place to call our own, it is important to know exactly what you we committing to. CIBC defines a mortgage as, “a loan to a property owner, often to buy property, in which the borrower gives the lender a lien on the property to guarantee repayment. Though it may sound overwhelming, with proper preparation and commitment to making payments toward the loan, mortgages can be the key to owning your dream home.

It’s the scariest time of the year! No- not Halloween, that’s long gone... I mean test time! Stress accompanied by late nights in the library wondering if your education is even worth it often makes you turn to pizza or anything cheap, greasy, and easy to make. However, these foods don’t do anything good for your mood, so here are some easy snacks to lift up your spirits and make you feel like you have some semblance of being an adult.

Redefining Performance Art: Sia’s intricate display of vulnerability

After being catapulted into commercial success following her 2014 hit, Chandelier, Sia has managed to do what others in her field cannot: uphold an uncompromised standard of privacy and anonymity in the midst of superstardom. After a career spanning nearly two decades, the Australian-born singer reached her first number one on the Hot 100 chart with Cheap Thrills, off of her seventh studio album. With the broadening of her horizons, the singer has further challenged herself by embarking on her current Nostalgic for the Present Tour, mostly featuring songs from her newest album, This Is Acting.

A Week in Branson, Missouri: America’s Live Music Gem

In the early hours of October 16th, my grandparents, their three teenage foster children, my brother, my mother, and myself all loaded into a van. I sat next to my grandfather, serving as the navigator while lazily knitting Christmas apparel. We had a 16 hour drive ahead of us to reach a place with dozens of theaters set and primed for live music; we were going to Branson, Missouri.

Jeff Rosenstock Strikes a Chord With Millennials

I’ve only met Jeff Rosenstock once. It was after PUP’s The Dream is Over release show at the Phoenix. Jeff had played that night (he can often be found opening for great punk acts playing in Toronto) and, in spite of just getting off the stage after an impassioned ensemble encore rendition of ‘El Scorcho’, he was gleefully manning his own merchandise table after the show. It wasn’t that Jeff couldn’t get help with his table, there were plenty of staff helping mince through the dozens of PUP fans clambering for merch; rather, Jeff just sincerely wanted to meet his people.

Glendon Truth and Reconciliation Declaration on Canada’s Indigenous Language Policy

The loss of Indigenous Languages should be a matter of great public concern in Canada. At least that’s what the Glendon Truth and Reconciliation Declaration on Canada’s Indigenous Language Policy says. The Declaration came out of a language policy course taught last year by Professors Ian Martin and Jean Michel Montsion. Their students hosted a national Colloquium to discuss the problem, and to propose responses to the TRC Commission’s three Calls to Action on Indigenous Language Policy.

Mystical Landscapes: Masterpieces from Monet, Van Gogh and more at the AGO

Du 22 octobre 2016 au 29 janvier 2017, une panoplie de chefs-d’œuvres sera présentée dans l’exposition intitulée “Mystical Landscapes” au Musée des beaux-arts de l’Ontario. Cette exposition vous fera voir notre planète et les cosmos bien autrement, et ce grâce aux œuvres de 36 artistes venant de 15 pays différents situés en Europe, en Scandinavie et en Amérique du Nord.


According to typical citizens of the city, Toronto is majestic: that breathtaking skyline, the CN Tower, those soaring skyscrapers, Kensington market, Little Italy, Little Portugal, Chinatown… The list goes on. Rappers are renaming it, films are premiering in it, sports teams keep losing in it. But how do immigrants see the city? For those who fight so hard for a Canadian Work Permit, does Toronto live up to their expectations?