All in Issue Two 2016/2017

Devour Mini Tacos and Mint Juleps at Queen Street’s Grand Electric

Guest Contribution from Neya Abdi of Toronto Discursive:

When you think of autumn the images that come to mind are probably pumpkins, leather boots, and trench coats. Not patios, margaritas, and key lime pie. A few weeks ago my friend Paul and I made plans to meet up for brunch, but a combination of factors like a subway closure, a mini breakdown, and a dirty rug that needed to be moved meant we didn’t get around to finding a place to eat until about 4 o’clock.


WUSC Glendon raises funds for Refugees

To this date, WUSC Glendon is the Local Committee with the most funds raised for the World University Service of Canada (WUSC)’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) via the event Ride for Refuge. Ride for Refuge is an annual bicycling/walking event which takes places across North America and raises awareness and funds for marginalized individuals, especially forced migrants.

Contextualizing the Dakota Access Pipeline: DAPL’s reminders about present-day colonialism

The controversy over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is somewhat of an old story. It’s not because the pipeline resembles many before it like the recently greenlit Pacific North West LNG or the infamous cross-border Keystone XL. Nor is it because DAPL has been in the works for over two years— undergoing review, acquiring permits, and attempting to sidestep critics. It’s because DAPL tells the timeworn tale of how the consequences of corporate greed intersect issues of health, the environment, and Indigenous rights.

Just Do It: The Saga of Transit Planning and Replanning in the GTA

The TTC, GO Transit, and Metrolinx have constructophobia; the fear of building real public transportation projects instead of just drawing lines on a map. Since the 1980s, we’ve been promised time and time again massive transit expansions with only a few of the projects ever coming to fruition. From rapid transit along Sheppard and Finch, to Regional Express Rail (frequent electric train service) and a downtown east-west subway line, we’ve seen it all before. Populist transit plans proposed to garner political support have led consistently to a homeostatic rapid transit system that has not seen major expansion since the 1970’s.

Toronto en orange: à la découverte de l’automne torontois

Les feuilles, lassées de leur sort depuis le printemps, se métamorphosent et délaissent les arbres du centre-ville. La chaleur estivale oppressante fait ses adieux : c’est l’automne à Toronto. L’été, la saison considérée comme plus propice au tourisme, ne l’est pourtant pas nécessairement. En automne, l’immense richesse naturelle, confondue avec tout ce qu’a à offrir la métropole, séduit touristes comme résidents.

Traveling on a Budget

Do you have the itch to travel but your piggy bank is saying otherwise? It’s hard to find the funds to travel as a student, given the cost of classes, books, loans, and everything else that comes with adulthood. But with a few helpful tips, you’ll be able to fit a getaway into your tight budget.

The Love Stories That Never Were, Could Have Been, and Could Be

You will not always get The Someone you desire. You will not. It sounds so easy. But how awful it can feel when it is unrequited. How strangely beautiful of a term it is. To mouth those words feels as though you are in a fairy-tale with a guaranteed, magical solution to the pain life lugs along with it. This isn’t meant to deter you from broken yet brilliant love humans are fated not just to feel, but to choose. To do. To live.

TD - An Introduction to Investing

In the Glendon Entrepreneur and Investors Student Association, there was great interest in learning how to invest from leading experts in the financial field.  So on Tuesday, October 4th, Glendon partnered with four members from TD Waterhouse to host, “An Introduction to Investing”. Business Development Associate Christopher J. Black, Business Development Associate Ida Solie, Direct Investing Regional Manager Raeann Harkes and Senior Regional Manager Mark-Angelo Teoli were all on hand to share their valuable expertise and experience.

Time Does Not Heal All Wounds: Indigenous Women and Historical Trauma

Today in Canada, Indigenous peoples as a whole experience discrimination, over-representation in the child welfare system, and increased rates of poverty and substance abuse. However, these experiences especially burden Indigenous women because of the systemic racism and discrimination they face. Legislation such as the 1876 Indian Act and the 1990 Child and Family Services Act target them directly.

My Night With Adele

On Thursday, October 6, the Adele Live 2016 tour rolled into the Air Canada Centre for its third of four installments, and I was ready. Having bought my ticket in late 2015, the nearly year-long wait had finally come to an end. I was finally sitting, waiting for the songstress to appear on stage. At around 8:30pm, the lights dimmed and the eyes opened, followed by a playing of the iconic “Hello?” greeting that reverberated through the hearts of everyone perched on their seats.

Cheating on Toronto

Let me start off by saying I love this city. In it, I’ve found a home, filled with wonderful people who are exactly my speed, wonderful food, and wonderful drink. For me personally, there aren’t many cities in the world better than Toronto. I’ve been to every continent, experienced many countries, and have seen what they have to offer. Trust me - it doesn’t get that much better than here. That being said, what happens when you fall out of love with your home? With the music, with the people, with the pace of life.

Meet Jenna: One of Your Newly Elected Councillors

You may have recently seen posters around Glendon of smiling people, slogans, and the word VOTE. Vote for what? For your Councillors and your First Year Representatives. These votes were tallied on September 29th, and the following morning, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenna Bass, one of your newest elected Councillors, to talk about what she’s got planned for the upcoming year.

The Glendon Forest: Exploring Our Own Backyard

At the top of the staircase from hell you gaze upon its many steps. You tell yourself that it’s not that big of a deal. With your sports bag slung across your shoulders, you descend into the ravine and make your way towards the Glendon Athletic Club. After a good workout, you retrieve your belongings from a locker and as you exit the building, it hits you: you should not have done leg day. Now, staring up at the summit of the stairs, all the energy is drained from your body. It is as if you are at the base of Mount Everest and the thought of reaching the top is impossible.