Celebrity Questionnaire with Glendon Alumni Anna-Kay Russell

 Photo: Andrew Thies

Photo: Andrew Thies

Q: Tell us about your involvement at Glendon

A: I completed my four year iBA in Environmental and Health Studies and minored in Psychology at Glendon. I most definitely did an exchange while at Glendon – I went to Grenoble, a beautiful city in the alps of France, for a semester. I also completed an internship through the York International Internship Program in Costa Rica, which was beyond amazing. I was also one of the founding members of Glendon’s first ever West Indian Association! Finally, I was an assistant editor with ProTem, a Health Education mentor between campuses, and a LeaderShape alumni.

Q: What do you miss about Glendon? Have any regrets about your time here?

A: The number one thing I miss most about Glendon is the sense of community emitted on campus. As soon as I step off the shuttle, I feel at home, and that’s a feeling I’ve come to realize can’t be found everywhere. I’ve made some friendships at Glendon that I know will continue on. It was the perfect place to find those kinds of personalities and discover more of my own. I try not to regret much (as there’s no point), but one thing I would say I would have also done was get involved in student council. As a current public policy master’s student, that would have been a useful experience to draw from.


Q: What are you up to now?

A: As mentioned, I’m currently completing my Master of Public Policy at the University of Toronto (Glendonite at heart forever and always, don’t worry) and working on research. I also just began that quest called adulthood.

Q: How did Glendon help you get to where you are now (or where you want to be)?

A: For one thing, it pays to be bilingual, folks. So you’re in the right place. I also met a professor at Glendon who was really invested in my future and worked with me to help me find my path, connecting me to others who could help me get there. So, I should say it also pays to know your profs.

Q: Any advice for students still at Glendon?

A: My number one advice for all those at Glendon, and York University as a whole, would be to take that opportunity you’ve had on your mind and just do it. If not, go out there and look for some! Universities are swimming pools filled with opportunities and if it were not for the ones I took while at Glendon, I know I would not be where I am now. So, if you see it and you like it, then go for it.