Cold Snap

Oh, little orchid, why do you weep
when just yesterday you were in bliss ever deep?
Since late spring’s bloom, your magenta petals danced
in gracious harmony, with its breeze, you were entranced.

In time, summer took spring’s place
and with it came a new pace,
wrapped in the wind’s warm embrace.
Radiant shades of romance shone from your face.

Soon, summer came to pass.
The love you once held dear shattered like glass.
The breeze abandoned you, leaving a cold veil of yearning;
a vivid fantasy turned stale, your colors are now fading.

Oh, little orchid, why do you hide beneath the ground?
Where in troubled thoughts you lie bound?
Though all but your roots are gone
life indeed does go on.

Do you not sense the coming thaw?
With spring, past thoughts withdraw.
Blossom forth and reach for the sun,
for if not the wind, soon you shall find the one.