Come Scream for this Ice Cream

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Anyone who has had a conversation with me about food has undoubtedly come across my ever-expanding list of places to visit in Toronto for nourishment (in the most bourgeoise kinds of places). I am not a man of simple tastes, nor do I condemn people who are. I simply happen to enjoy abstract and exciting alternatives to old concepts. I also happen to be extremely broke because of this habit. It is a habit that favours non-traditional foods and, generally speaking, any cuisine that creates a mischieviously unorthodox mashup of styles or flavours.

Dairy has always been an important part of my lifestyle, whether it be eating a solid block of cheese, enjoying several types of milk on a regular basis (disclaimer: almond milk should be illegal), and, above all, ice cream.

Ice cream: the nectar of the gods, a gift from the divine, Jon Snow’s secret to revival (Yes, it’s a spoiler, but it's been out for a long time - I feel no guilt), and the lingering sweetness that keeps me tucked in at night. Ice cream has always been at the epicenter of my contentment with life. It is the epitome of wholesome goodness. While I have been to Sweet Jesus and have had all the different brands and flavours from the local grocery store, there is one ice cream fix that has set a precedent which no other can dream of approaching.

That place, my friends, is Eva's Original Chimneys. Located at 454 Bloor St. West, Eva’s is a place where all your ice cream dreams come true. It may feel like I am grossly over-exaggerating, but I wouldn’t go to BuzzFeed levels unless it was seriously true. From their handmade roasted cones that taste like the love you’ve never had, to their mouth-watering selection — and don’t get me started on the portion sizes!

My personal favourite from the shop is the Matcha cone, but there are so many I have yet to try that it really wouldn’t be fair to pick a favourite, yet. As if you needed another reason to check this place out, there is also a secret at the end of every single Eva’s cone which I will leave you to discover on your own. I hope you all go visit this mysterious, magical place. I hope you go forth and enjoy what you can while we’re all still undergraduate students in what can only be described as the blissful OSAP era, and not the terrifying liberal-arts-major-with-no-particular-skillset-and-$35,000-tuition-to-pay era that we are all so desperately trying to avoid thinking about. So, before you scream, why not go for some Eva’s ice cream?