Pro Tem is the Bilingual Newspaper of Glendon College. Founded in 1962, it is York University’s oldest student-run publication, and Ontario’s first bilingual newspaper. All content is produced and edited by students, for students.


Pro Tem est le journal bilingue du Collège Glendon. Ayant été fondé en 1962, nous sommes la publication la plus ancienne de l’Université York ainsi que le premier journal bilingue en Ontario. Tout le contenu est produit et édité par les étudiants, pour les étudiants.

Existential Sadness

Existential Sadness

As I live life, I often ask myself: what is sadness?

  1. Is it a lack of joy? A feeling that we try to suppress?

  2. No… for you see, the definition goes deeper than that.

  3. It is hidden like the craftiness of an evasive rat.

  4. Sadness and its symptoms cannot be seen.

  5. They attack the root of joy, ensuring that you are no longer keen.  

  6. Sadness is the false hope of having empty goals to run toward.

  7. Little you know, there is no reward…

  8. For you see, the treacherous monotony of routine, lives day by day.

  9. The absence of direction is self-evident, as there is nothing to say.

  10. One must live this reality alone, as you yearn to share.

  11. Time after time, you find that they do not care.

  12. It will be clear that for every person, there is an internal battle to be fought.

  13. With this in mind, you soon realize that human relations are not free, but bought.

  14. So, alone you go, always on the outside looking in.

  15. You analyze the interactions, wondering what could have been.

  16. Why is happiness so fleeting, always changing its place?

  17. Why can it not be savoured, at a more leisurely pace?

  18. Is this what it means to be human? The act of trying to fill the void?

  19. Have I lost my humanity? Have I become a droid?

Tes lunettes roses

Tes lunettes roses

Radio Glendon Column 2

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