GCSU's Internal Honoraria Points System Policy

"Rethink the way the honoraria is being voted upon" - as per Stong College's Student Union procedure:

An Executive Committee member gains their 10 merit points if:

2 point: Completed All Office Hours

  • Office Hours are a set schedule that must be respected, in order to assure a functioning office
    • One may be excused from their Office Hours for the following: Doctor’s appointment
    • One may be excused from their Office Hours if approved by the Vice-President Operations or the Vice-President Operations and President

4 points: Achieved/completed initiatives

1 point: Attended Executive Meeting(s)

1 point: ttended General Meetings

1 point: Attended Check-in’s


A Councillor or Officer of the Union gains their 5 merit points if:

2 points: Completed All Office Hours

1 point: Attended General Meeting(s)

0.5 point: Attended Councillor Meeting(s) and Check-in’s

1 point: Achieved/completed initiatives

  • Inclusive of sitting on their Committee(s)

0.5 point: Submitted their monthly reports