GEISA Entrepreneurial Event

As young business professionals wanting to become the leaders of their respected fields, GEISA took part in George Brown College’s entrepreneurial event on November 17th. It was a unique experience that gave aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to ask questions and listen to a panel of CEO’s explain their business journeys. Students from multiple schools gathered to learn how to stay away from the typical 9-5 work day and pursue a lifestyle and work schedule catered to you.         

Four companies were involved in the event:, Secret Team Games, Where2, and Safe T. These companies were created out of an interest the founders had in a particular subject matter, or out of a need to improve an existing system. The panel explained that a creative mind isn’t always necessary to build a company; it’s the ability to pay attention to the world around you and to create logical solutions that is most valuable.

The panel of CEO’s illustrated the obstacles of starting a company, such as building a client base or finding warehouse space. They admitted the complexity of becoming your own boss but also the reward of managing your own income and not having to rely on someone else’s business. When you are running a company, you are more likely to develop a meaningful passion for your job and it makes the many hours of work seem less strenuous. The difficulties these COE’s face never deterred them from their dream. They spoke very highly of their own accomplishments, and everyone in the audience was inspired by the stories. Today, the majority of the world’s wealth is in the hands of those who have started their own companies, such as Mark Zetterberg. Owning a company in addition to another job is a great way to boost to your income to begin, and eventually this could become your main source of cash flow.

The event also had a team building portion, which included building a freestanding structure out of marshmallows, spaghetti, and string. When faced with strict deadlines, all were forced to work as a team, and everyone’s true colours showed. Breaking off into small groups with strangers is an effective method of encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zone, and to build connections with new people. A fascinating aspect of being an entrepreneur is that people from various types of educational background create companies, which allows for diverse opinions and ideas when collaborating. If being an entrepreneur is in your future, we encourage you to join GEISA. You will expand your knowledge of the field and find like-minded people to share your ideas with.

Overall, everyone enjoyed themselves, and GEISA will continue to participate in entrepreneurial events to better prepare graduates for the careers that await them. You can learn more about the companies mentioned in the article at