Get In Gear this Summer

Get In Gear this Summer

With spring finally here and warmer weather approaching, the urge to be outside is back! If you are interested in cycling all-terrain or leisurely and are excited for cycling season to begin then keep reading. I just recently stumbled across this bike shop called Gears located just off Eglinton at 109 Vanderhoof Ave, in the Leaside area. This place is everything a bike lover needs. and desires. Whether you have your own bike, are looking to buy one, or are interested in just renting for a certain amount of time, this shop will fit all of your needs. With a wide range of services and products,  this shop offers everything you need to get in gear this summer.

First of all, the shop is extremely cozy and absolutely adorable, with specialty bikes hanging on the walls. There are various customer support desks to cater to your specific needs so there is always someone ready to take care of you, lend a helping hand or a smile.

Not only do they have standard in-shop repairs, but they also have a unique at-home repair service. You can call and they will pick up your bike from home and repair it for you, which is super handy if you are in a rush or have no way of bringing your bike to the shop. Also, the store offers a wide range of bikes whichmakes finding the right bike for you in terms of function and style really easy.

Their payment plans also make it really affordable to get your dream bike without being torn and conflicted about the price. They have many flexible payment options that cater to your financial needs. On top of that, they offer a 0% down guarantee for the first year; which is extremely helpful. Their lifetime warranty also ensures you get the bike you want that will also last or will be covered if it’s in need of a sprucer-upper.

If you aren’t looking for a bike but want to go for a ride with some friends on a sunny day there are plenty of bike rental options ranging from $35 to $75, depending on what you’re looking for. All you need to rent a bike is some form of Photo ID, a Credit Card, some sneakers, and water because you’re going to need to keep yourself hydrated. You can also grab some bike accessories such as clothes, shoes, and bike add ons.

The really neat thing about the Leaside location in particular is that they offer indoor cycling classes! The classes can last anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.These instructor led classes offer towel service and 15 available seats that also track your workout and email the results directly to you for future, personal reference. They have different rates depending on if you are a drop in or routine cyclist.

I stumbled across this place just a few weeks ago but now that the weather is heating up I can’t wait to go back. Whether cycling is a current interest or potential passion, I encourage you to go check out Gears in person or even give them a call to learn more at (647) 729-2500.