Glendon’s Lettres D’amour

Lettres d'amour.jpg

Dear fellow students,


I want to start off this letter by letting you know, life is not easy. Life does not come with an instruction manual, nor does it come with a guideline. We all get pooled together and hope for the best outcome for everyone – sadly, that is not always the case. We forget to acknowledge that people have off-days. We forget that our emotions are not meant to be suppressed. We forget that we are completely and entirely entitled to every drop of love.

I will talk about this ‘til the day I die: self-love is the most important thing you will learn throughout your life. My new philosophical view is that we are all bright, burning lights; every day we allow ourselves to burn and show the world the greatness within us. Here’s where it gets tricky: sometimes our own light will dim so that someone else’s can burn a little brighter. This does not, however, allow you to let your light burn out. I’m aware this task is easier said than done; however, self-love is not a one-day process – it takes time, energy, and passion. Even if it starts with a single eyelash, you can learn how to transpire that love to the rest of you. Live your life to be the truest, most authentic person you can be. You will unintentionally allow people to burn just as bright as you.

I, Councillor B. Mello, with the help of Pro Tem, invite the entirety of Glendon College to participate in Lettres d’amour. This initiative is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has ever needed some love. I invite all of you to write a letter – of any length – with words of encouragement to your fellow peers; let them know they are not alone. Let them know that no matter what situation they are currently facing, we are all Glendonites.
The idea is for this system to operate as a student-for-student collective. If you need a letter you can come into the GCSU office (B126) and pick one off the wall. You can either take it with you, or read it and put it back. We want to stress to everyone that you are all loved! You are not alone. You are worth every ounce of adoration. Know that self-love isn’t made overnight, but it starts with affection.

Letters are being accepted between January 22nd – February 5th and we highly recommend that they be bilingual! If you would prefer to handwrite your letter, there will be pens and paper in the GCSU office. There will also be boxes located in the breezeway, the GCSU office, and Lunik for you to deposit your notes of love. For electronic letters, please email them to For any other inquiries, visit our Facebook event page, “Glendon’s Lettres d’amour.”



Councillor Diogo B. Mello