I Am a Slug

 cr: Balcony Garden Web

cr: Balcony Garden Web

I am a slug.

I am long, I am gross, and I am small.

My bed is the grass.

I sit there all day.

I graze and stay awake to the sounds of something bigger.

I fear everything.

Everything is a threat, everything is out there to get me.

I am scared to die. Yet I want to die, because I am only a slug.

I’ve been better, I’ve been worse.

I’ve held pens and daggers;

I’ve seen trees and walls.

I am small enough to hide away when the world begins to fall.


I am not old. I feel old.

I can see my entire life in a slimy trail behind me.

No one will care.

No one should care.

Because I am only a slug.

Just another snail without its shell,

Just another snake that wasn’t scary.

I am nothing in this world.

I feed no ecosystem, I build no royalty.

I sleep in this grassland where no one will find me,

Because I am a slug.