I Don’t Hate Winter

 cr: The Polhamus Family

cr: The Polhamus Family

I’ll tell you, “I hate waiting for the bus as the cold creeps up my coat,”

I’ll tell you, “I don’t like the evils of black ice and the fear of slipping on the road,”

I’ll tell you, “I despise the early dark skies and how the sun leaves so soon,”

But, I have not forgotten about the glowing moon.

How the moonlight reflects back up above off the fresh bed of white snow,

And how the world illuminates even at midnight giving off the serene winter glow,

How wonderful it looks the first snow fall as the flakes dance their way down,

And the peaceful silence at the time of night as they twinkle from the ground,

When the fireplaces are lit and electric heaters come in as we cuddle in our cozy blankets,

How the essence of hot chocolate is felt in this season and let’s not forget the marshmallows and cinnamon,

How the snow becomes our sand box in the days we used to play,

Making snow angels and watching TV all day,

It’s game on when the snowball fights commence,

Build your forts,


Take cover!

It’s time to take revenge.

And the challenge to build the best snowman, searching for a carrot nose and sticks for hands,

Hoping that it doesn’t rain, or all the hard work will be swept away,

Tubing and sledding on the largest snow hills in town,

Laughing with excitement on each trip down,

So, no, I don’t like being cold or getting my fingers frozen

But it’s Canada,

It snows,

I’m not complaining.