Introducing Glendon’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee


An ad hoc committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity has been created at Glendon in response to the events that occurred on campus last March, where racist and discriminatory graffiti as well as bomb threats were found in the Centre of Excellence. The committee’s mandate is to improve Glendon’s approach to equity, diversity, and inclusivity, specifically in relation to pedagogy and curriculum, and to support an inclusive and safe educational culture at Glendon.

This committee consists of two undergraduate students, as well as members of Glendon’s faculty and staff who will work to i) identify current strengths and areas for improvement in equity, diversity, and inclusivity; ii) develop recommendations for programs and curriculum pedagogy that promote and enhance equity, diversity and inclusivity, and iii) provide a final report to the Glendon community that reflects the committee’s findings and recommendations.

To do this, the committee will review existing programs at Glendon and consult widely across the Glendon community, including soliciting feedback from students, staff, and faculty for how to make Glendon a safer space. The committee's report will be made public and presented at Faculty Council before the end of this academic year.