Krysta’s Picks — Let’s Do Brunch!

 cr: Krysta Veneruz

cr: Krysta Veneruz

I’m back! Now that we’ve all (hopefully) begun our new year’s resolutions, I’m assuming that waking up early, going to the gym, and increasing our productivity are all goals we have! And I don’t think there’s a better way to motivate yourself to get going than to wake up early and get your socializing crossed off the list over a delicious brunch! And if you’re anything like me, instagram crafting, mimosa sipping, avocado-eating types of brunches are the kind you’ll need to try! Now there are definitely some special places in this big city, and after having tried quite a few, here are the top three on my revisit-to-stuff-my-face list.

School Resto – 70 Fraser Avenue

This liberty village joint is BOPPIN’, and I mean nothing less than that. Take a look at their Instagram, @schoolresto, for absolutely mouthwatering breakfast creations. Whether you’re a savoury person or have a sweet-tooth, this restaurant offers fantastic pancakes loaded with perfectly curated toppings, like their apple crumble pancakes, which feature apples, pecans, brown sugar butter, and caramel. Are you drooling yet? School’s brunch is unfortunately a weekend-only event, but don’t fret, because they’ll likely have the Fleetwood Mac Rumors album playing to give your ears a meal as well. Still need another reason to visit? School has a seasonal patio just waiting to be crossed off your summer to-do list!

My Recommendation: Super cheesy bacon french toast with cheddar-jack cheese, Ontario maple syrup and mixed greens.

Early Bird Espresso – 613 Queen St. W.

A hipster lounge with exposed brick walls, Early Bird fits its Queen West location extremely well. This nice, little spot seats around 25-30 people, so finding a spot will never be a worry! They also have a small seasonal patio that opens during the two warm weeks we like to call summer. Plus, Early Bird has an extensive array of artisanal coffees to accompany your meal. Better yet, they have the most beautiful avocado toast I have ever seen, shaped like a rose. If that doesn’t convince you to try out this place, I don’t know what will. Other menu options include smoothie bowls, tapioca bowls, pastries, and egg concoctions.

My Recommendation: Beat hollandaise eggs benedict; the sauce is pink and that should be the only reason you need to try it.

SMITH – 553 Church St.

Smith has recently upped their brunch game, to the point where reading their menu makes me think I’m in France — if only for a second. The location in the Village makes for a quaint little morning stroll down Church St., and can easily be followed with errands or a trip to the University of Toronto’s library for that thing I keep forgetting to mention called studenting (which we probably should be prioritizing over getting really pricey brunch...). I can admit Smith’s prices are a little overwhelming, but the quaint environment, Pinterest-worthy decorations, and wooden tables will make you swoon. The menu also changes seasonally, so you know you’ll be getting top quality and fresh ingredients.

My Recommendation: Pistachio Waffle: roasted banana, toasted coconut, crème anglaise, and, of course, pistachios OR for my savory friends, Smith Quiche: balsamic braised shallots, asparagus, goat cheese, and frisee salad.

Happy Brunching everyone!