Krysta’s Picks: Vegan Eats

 cr: Camille Slaght

cr: Camille Slaght

Going vegan has turned into a trendy-but-healthy lifestyle choice, one which many millennials (and others, although it’s undoubtedly a millennial-dominated affair) are making in hopes of a sustainable, animal-friendly new world. So whether you’re starting with meatless Monday, are just going vegetarian or a full-on planet-saving granola-and-20k-run-every-morning vegan, these restaurants are sure to please the appetite and the soul!

Mythology Diner // Doomie’s
1265 & 1263 Queen St W.

Owned by the same company, and located right beside each other, it’s no wonder that OG Doomie’s needed a second restaurant to keep up with high demand. Doomie’s is a super funky vegan diner serving up traditional fast food fare and recreations of your favourite dishes. Craving the old McDonald burgers from your childhood? No problem, just try one of their vegan big macs! They also offer chicken & waffles, so you’re not missing out on any Toronto trends. Their ambiance is also super cool — the walls are covered in comic strips — so it’s a great place for your Instagram.
As for Mythology, they’ve veganized almost anything you can think of, and offer more of an elevated dining experience, in comparison to the neighbour next door. Options like vegan steaks, fish ‘n’ chips and even onion blossoms are sure to keep your mouth watering! Both of these locations offer a full bar menu, but neither take reservations, so plan ahead!

My Recommendation: A vegan oreo milkshake at Doomie’s followed by chicken pot pie at Mythology.

Kupfert & Kim
140 Spadina Ave

Kupfert & Kim keeps lunch healthy and hearty by having a completely wheatless and meatless menu. They pride themselves for being vegan, but still retain their status as a quick-service restaurant. At their Spadina location, they offer plenty of seating for those lunch break vibes. Heads up: if you bring your own container, they will discount your food! Knowing that they care for the environment is certainly a great reason to support this Toronto chain. They also have full coffee bar offerings if you need a midday pick-me-up.

My Recommendation: The Oaxaca Bowl (with an almond milk latte too, of course)

1221 Bay St.

Upscale and sustainable, this innovative Yorkville restaurant has a great menu and a stunning interior — super social-media worthy. The décor is minimalist and crisp, perfectly complementing the well-curated dishes. Planta’s multicultural, inspired menu means there’s something for everyone – from pizza, risotto and tacos, to middle eastern style salads and Asian noodles. Planta’s uniqueness will definitely fire up your taste buds AND your creativity to try new vegan dishes in your own kitchen. Their cocktail bar will also blow you away. They are known for creating drinks that pair perfectly with your meal. Finally, any night the Raptors or Leafs play, you can stop by between from 5 and 7:30PM to grab a Planta burger, fries and a Mill Street Organic for $15 all-in. All the deals, none of the meat. They also offer Sunday brunch, so honestly, who’s complaining?

My Recommendation: Habibi Salad

Cosmic Treats
207 Augusta Ave.

This Kensington joint is not your average ice cream shop, with all of their ice creams being completely nut-based. They have a super wide variety of baked goods and specialty dessert plates, as well as an entire brunch/lunch menu. If you need any more reason to boost your blood sugar levels, Cosmic Treats won the Toronto Veg Award in 2016, so you’re guaranteed to be satisfied!

My Recommendation: Their ice cream sandwich — only $7!