Last Daylight

COLOUR Last daylight - no credit.jpg

What if tonight,

Was the last time you saw daylight?


What would you do?

Who would you see?

Would you finally to be true to yourself?

Will you set yourself free?


Will you make a love confession

To the one who stole your heart?

Or plead forgiveness for your transgression

To the one you hurt with a painful dart?


Will you go back to your dear mother

Your father, your sister, or your brother?

Or will you meet your dear old friend

Whose friendship you thought will never end?


Will you go find some peace

Near a lake, an ocean or a river?

Or will you enjoy the bliss

In the big city filled with party fever?


Or will you finally finish that novel of yours,

Your artistic project or musical piece?

And will you finally end that laid-back curse

That shall make your laziness fall to its knees?