Lest We Forget

 Photo: Peter Castleton

Photo: Peter Castleton

In Flanders Fields you lie,

you sacrificed your lives.

You were people like us:

ordinary, everyday people,

with family and friends.

You are no longer with us,

but will stay forever in our hearts.

For you were the bravest;

the strongest.

You are the angels that watch over us.

In death you were noticed;

you are the reason we have peace.

You fought in the past,

it happened so long ago.

But it affects us -

today and everyday we are alive.


Dear soldiers,

We are thankful for your fighting.

Your stories live on;

they are told and retold every year -

A legacy in itself.

It is an honor

we share all over the nation

for us to remember your tales.

To wear poppies upon our breast

and to say:

“Lest we Forget”