Letter From the Editor: Issue 7, Volume 55

Dear Glendonites,

As we trudge through the coldest month of the year, lets turn to each other to stay lively and motivated. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we need to hold onto the love and compassion it brought on and make it last until the sun comes back out in the springtime. Do not be discouraged; there is only about a month until the first official day of spring!

If you're feeling isolated as many of us often do during the winter, call an old friend you haven't seen in a while. Remind yourself of what it's like to be with people who really know you, people with who you can laugh about nothing and everything, people who allow you to be yourself. Good friendships are indispensable, and those kinds of connections must not be taken for granted.

If you need incentives to get out of the house, make a reservation at a restaurant you've had your eye on for a while, and invite a friend or two. Good food brings people together and never fails to lift spirits. There are many affordable food options on Toronto, so even if money is tight, you can enjoy a really good meal.

For only about $5, you can get an asian-fusion sandwich from Bahn Mi Boys (great vegan options), quality pizza from North of Brooklyn, and a warm bowl of pho at Spadina’s Pho Hung. If your budget allows for a it, I highly recommend pizzeria Libretto for a thin crust pizza and a glass of red, Sukhothai for spicy noodles and a light beer, and El Catrin in the Distillery for tacos and margaritas.

Sortez de votre chambre et allez explorer la belle ville dans laquelle nous vivons. Essayons de ne pas trop laissez le mauvais temps nous isoler de l'un et l'autre. Saluez vos voisins comme vous le faites quand il fait chaud et donnez un coup de fil aux amis qui vous sont les plus chers. Pour une soirée relaxante entre amis, venez à notre événement le 8 mars à Lunik, où les poètes de Glendon lirons leurs oeuvres et prendront un verre ensemble. Contactez-nous si vous voulez participer!

On March 8, Pro Tem will be having a Spoken Word event in collaboration with Late Night Lunik. There will be poetry by Glendon students and special guests, The Ragdolls. Keep an eye out for a signup sheet on our Facebook page! I look forward to a night of fun as we celebrate the writers of the Glendon community.

Lastly, we have begun our search for next year’s photographer and designer! If you are interested in layout design or photography, please get in touch with me.

With love,