Letter From the Editor: Issue Eight, Volume 55

The last month of classes is here, and to end the year on a high note, the Glendon clubs and organizations are putting together a multitude of events for students to enjoy. Clubs and organizations are the backbone of the Glendon experience, so it is very important to support them. Whether you are a frequent Glendon event goer, or you are just beginning to emerge out of your res room, I encourage you to attend at least one of the events happening on campus over the next month.

Pro Tem is hosting a night of poetry called #SpeakOutGl Wednesday March 8 at Lunik Coop, where students will be reading their poetry and enjoying drinks at Late Night Lunik starting at 9pm. The International Studies Argentina Symposium will be Saturday March 11, the GCSU will host a series of event for la semaine de la francophonie from March 13 to 17, the African Network is hosting a Gala Friday March 17 in the manor, and the Glendon formal take place Thursday March 23. It’s safe to say there is something for everyone! Students are putting in hours of work and planning to make these events come together, so mark those dates in your agendas Glendon!

Are you passionate about journalism? Do you want to become more involved and make a difference? Apply to be a part of the Pro Tem 2017-18 team! We are hiring a photographer, a layout designer, all six section editors (Arts & Entertainment, Expressions, Issues & Ideas, Health & Wellness, Campus Life, Metropolis), and two assistant editors (French and English). We are also hiring a Communications Officer whose responsibilities will include social media, website management, and poster design. To apply, send your cover letter and resume to editor@protemglendon.com by Monday, March 20th. No previous editing experience is required.

Il ne reste qu’un numéro après celui-ci, alors mettez-vous à l’œuvre si vous souhaitez contribuer pour Pro Tem une dernière fois! La prochaine et dernière date limite pour nous envoyer un article, un poème, ou une nouvelle est vendredi le 10 mars. De plus, vous pouvez encore vous inscrire pour participer à notre soirée de poésie mercredi le 8 mars. Envoyez simplement un email à comms@protemglendon.com avec la longueur du poème que vous souhaitez présenter et arrivez à 20h mercredi. Tous les étudiants sont les bienvenus, et si vous ne voulez pas présenter de quoi, vous pouvez certainement vous joindre à nous et prendre un verre à Lunik en écoutant la poésie de vos collègues.

J’espère vous y retrouver!

Avec amour,