Letter from the Editor: Issue Five, Volume 55

A few of the articles in this issue mention New Year's resolutions, but it is no secret that January is a tough time to dig within and find the necessary motivation to embark on a lifestyle change or to take on a big challenge. My take on New Year's resolutions is that they have to be reasonable, and you have to enjoy trying to accomplish them. After all, the end goal is to be as happy as you can be, so don't force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy. Think about what you already do well, and try to build onto that. Start with something small, and make sure it is something you enjoy doing.

If you are a great singer, challenge yourself to a public performance. If you write poetry, share it with someone. If you love to read, your resolution could be to read more books this year. If you’re a good listener, and you know your friends need you, try to be there for them even more. If you enjoy live music, go see more shows. Do more things that make you truly happy. It might be important to eat well, exercise and save money, but if you ask me, true success comes from doing things that make you feel whole and happy.

Another resolution that would undoubtedly make you happier is to get involved on campus. There is a multitude of clubs to join, some of which are discussed in the campus life section of this issue. Some interesting opportunities at Glendon in the upcoming months include the La Mode Glendon (LMG) Fashion Show and the Leadership Summit. LMG is looking for a videographer as well as other people to help out backstage, so contact lamodeglendon@gmail.com if you want to volunteer with them! The Leadership Summit will be February 10th, so stay tuned for more information on that!

I hope you do more things that you love in 2017.