Little Sister

 Photo: Jordan Cameron

Photo: Jordan Cameron

My younger sister is sixteen years old.

She is intelligent, graceful and bold.

Little sister, you have beautiful eyes.

If there are a hundred of you

Sixty of your twins will be assaulted

before your next birthday.

I hope it is not you.

Little sister, one of four friends

Will inevitably be

The next North-American danger.

I hope it is not you.

Little sister, I have three missed calls.

Did you not hear my phone ring?

They left a voicemail and said

Our friend took me to his house,

And I had to comply.

Sexual assault is a stranger’s game. Myth.

You probably know your oppressor. Fact.

Drunk consent does the trick. Myth.

Men cannot be victimized. Myth.

Nobody is safe. Fact.

If he’s your boyfriend, that means “yes” right? Myth.

A relationship label is not an entry pass. Fact.

Little sister, you hold the profile of a perfect victim.

Will someone stop him from touching?

Will someone speak when you’re slut-shamed

for wearing your favorite satin skirt?

You have 1157 friends on Facebook.

You have 11570 followers on Instagram.

You have 115700 points on Snapchat.

How many of them post about

Feminism, rape culture and consent?

And how many of them will engage further

than writing a comment?