Letter from the Editor: Issue Four, Volume 55

 Photo: Janaina C. Falkiewicz

Photo: Janaina C. Falkiewicz

Hey Glendon,

Do you love to write, but struggle to make time for creative outlets? If you have a passion for writing and have room for writing courses it in your degree, Glendon has a few options for you. This winter, Glendon prof and award-winning writer, Chris Dewdney, is offering a three credit course called Advance Writing (EN 4560). The course will allow students to do advanced writing in poetry, prose, drama, media, and non-fiction (e.g. criticism). Dewdney will even host readings at Glendon in relation to this course. The authors are all professional, published novelists and poets with a national and often international profile. However, in order to run this year, the course needs more people to register. Keep in mind, the professor prefers if students have some experience in creative writing seeing as it is a fourth year course.

Il y a deux autres options pour les amateurs d’écriture narrative francophones à Glendon. La première option est un cours de trois crédits nommé Stylistique française II : écrire une nouvelle (FRAN 3712). Il sera offert cet hiver par Nataliya Lenina. J’ai pris le cours l’an passé avec une autre professeure, mais peu importe l’instructeur, le but du cours est d’écrire beaucoup afin de développer son style d’écriture. C’est un cours qui se fonde beaucoup plus sur la pratique que sur l’apprentissage de techniques, ce qui le rend très différent de la plupart des autres cours théoriques offerts à Glendon. Le travail final est la composition d’une nouvelle.  

L’autre cours de création littéraire à Glendon s’appelle Écriture narrative (FRAN 4277) et est enseigné par Marie-Hélène Larochelle. Le cours vient d’être offert cet automne et ne sera donc pas offert cet hiver, mais je le recommande très fortement. Marie-Hélène est une professeure passionnée et inspirante; elle veut que ses étudiants trouvent ce qui les motive à écrire afin de les diriger envers un produit final dont ils peuvent être fiers. Marie-Hélène publiera son premier roman cette année et elle n’hésite pas de partager son processus d’écriture avec ses élèves.

If you are willing to commute to the Keele campus for a good writing course, I also highly recommend the course called Intro to Creative Writing (EN 2600). I took this course last year with Professor Michael Helm, and found that it completely renewed my love for creative writing. The prof is extremely clear about his expectations, and gives very relevant tips on how to create good literary fiction. The reading material is riveting; you will read incredible short stories by some of the most established authors, old and new. This course is an introduction to the writing of poetry and prose fiction. At the end of the year, students hand in a writing portfolio, which encloses an entire year’s work, including descriptions, scenes, all kinds of poetry and one short story.

Many people hesitate to take creative writing courses because they don’t like to be told what or how to write. The way I look at it, all writers have editors, and students should consider their writing professor as an editor. Their honesty and expertise will guide your writing in directions you may have never thought of taking it. It is also great to have an incentive to write, seeing as many of us are so swamped with academics that we neglect creative writing.

I invite you to strongly consider taking Advanced Writing with Chris Dewdney this winter. If the course has enough people registered to run, I could even work with the professor to open up the readings by guest authors to all Glendon students. If this is something you would be interested in, don’t hesitate to email me at editor@protemglendon.com. Best of luck on finals. I hope you take advantage of the winter break to do some personal reading, and to work on some writing.