Meet Jenna: One of Your Newly Elected Councillors

 Photo: Jenna Bass

Photo: Jenna Bass

You may have recently seen posters around Glendon of smiling people, slogans, and the word VOTE. Vote for what? For your Councillors and your First Year Representatives. These votes were tallied on September 29th, and the following morning, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenna Bass, one of your newest elected Councillors, to talk about what she’s got planned for the upcoming year.

Support is the word that came up the most. She is grateful for the support she received from her fellow candidates and insisted that there was great camaraderie between everyone, both during the nomination and election period. She found that the entire process ran smoothly and had nothing but positive things to say about her experience, so far. Jenna is thrilled to be working amongst all the other newly elected officials.

She has some amazing things planned, and is hoping to work with this year’s VP Academics to better the academics within Glendon. Jenna herself is part of the Student Caucus, in addition to Faculty Council and the CSTL Committee, so she has a solid background in academics and knows how to go about improving academics at our college. Jenna is also Co-President of the Neuro-Psychological Science Association, and hopes to work closely with VP Campaigns and Advocacy to increase mental health and disability awareness, particularly issues regarding the hard of hearing community. She also intends to connect with faculty members who are well-aware of ASL, and invite them to have informative sessions with students about it.

Jenna is willing to go above and beyond and understands that even the smallest actions can lead to the biggest change. It’s going to be exciting to see all that Jenna will achieve this upcoming year! Bonne chance Jenna. Glendon vous appuie!