Meet two of the Glendon E-Ambassadors!

Krysta Veneruz

Krysta Veneruz

I'm Krysta, a second year student in French studies taking apart in the D-TEIL certificate! I'm from Thunder Bay, Ontario and moved to Toronto when I came to Glendon. My blog,, consists of a lot of self-reflections since university so far has consisted of trying to find out who I am, what I like, and what my goals really are. I write a lot about hardships happening in my life, since we're all struggling to find our place and to find balance. I try to give resources and tips for those of you looking for guidance.

I also write about events that I attend around the city, and since I'm still fairly new to Toronto my vlogs capture the kid in a candy store that I feel like in this city. I try to do volunteer work and let others know how they can also get involved in their community at Glendon or in the city. I write like I talk, so by reading my blog you really get to know me, my passions, what's going on in my life and how Glendon is leading me on my path of discovery.

Amanda Tanner

My name is Amanda and I'm in my second year of the French Studies and Con. Ed program at Glendon. On my blog,, I write about many different things that I am passionate about: education, mental health, human rights, travel, videography, and photography! My vision is to cultivate a world of optimism and unity. I believe in the 3 F's: faith, family, and friends. I'm 100% sure that love is the answer.  

Je m'appelle Amanda et je suis étudiante de deuxième année dans le programme d’études françaises et d’éducation. J'écris tout au sujet de l'éducation, la santé mentale, les droits humains, les voyages, la vidéo et la photo! Ma seule vision est de créer un monde optimiste et uni. Je crois que la foi, la famille, et les amis sont ce qui a de plus importante dans la vie. Je crois fortement que l'amour est toujours la solution.