Meet Your Student Government for 2018-19

Alexia Brown, President: As President, my biggest goal will be to bridge the gap between the GCSU and the students. I want to create an environment that will allow the students to know and feel what we do is for and about them, through every aspect of what the council does. I want to ensure more accountability and transparency from the council to the students. Most importantly, I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable enough to get involved and  voice their concerns, with the understanding that they will be heard. My plan is to restructure how this council operates in order to facilitate this type of relationship between the students and their government.

 cr. GCSU

cr. GCSU

Sabrine Brihmi, VP Operations: Hey Glendon, my name is Sabrine Brihmi and I will be your Vice-President Operations this year. I am going to be in my fifth year in the French Con-Ed program. I hope to promote a sense of belonging in our community by providing more student space and promoting inclusivity and consent culture around Glendon. I also hope for our team to build a sense of trust with our students by being transparent!

Jasmine Levac, VP Social: During my time as interim VP Social, I have had the ability to help facilitate and plan one of the biggest events in the school year. I have seen what works, what hasn't and what can be improved on, and that makes me so excited for next year in my role as VP Social! I plan on working to provide amazing and interesting events that can work with a student budget, and I plan to make these events workable for the whole of the student body (both for commuters and those who live on residence, like myself). We'll see some classic events return, as well as some new ones. I'm always open to your feedback and I look forward to working with my colleagues on the GCSU and you, the student body, as we work towards making next year one to remember. À l'année prochaine!

Kaylah Mathenge, VP Clubs: Hey Glendon! My name is Kaylah and I'll be your Vice President of Clubs next year! I ran for this position because I believe that I can help smooth over communication between the GCSU and our campus’ many diverse clubs. With the new school year approaching, I will make sure to keep in touch with all the clubs and aid to the best of my abilities with any events or gatherings you require. If you can't find a club you particularly click with, you can always start one of your own! Feel free to stop and ask me questions if you see me around campus!

Jay Patel, VP Academic: Hey Glendon! My name is Jay Patel and I’m super excited to be one of your new Senators and Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs. I’m currently a first-year student in French Studies and Concurrent Education. From Faculty Council, to York Senate, to Student Caucus, I can’t wait to be your voice and to represent all of you! Throughout my term, I will work to promote Work/Study positions, promote leadership opportunities and scholarships (among other things, of course!). Please do not hesitate to message me if you have any questions or ideas!

Jean Pierre D’Angelo, VP Academic: As one of your Senators and Vice Presidents of Academics, I have three main goals: 1) promote good governance within the GCSU; 2) fight for Glendon's academic needs and independence on the university senate and 3) provide guidance to the students of Glendon regarding their academics rights and responsibilities. I look forward to serving you all in the fall!

Lewis Le, VP Communications: Salut! Je m’appelle Lewis et je serai encore votre vice-président communications cette année. I look forward to building and improving our relationship from last year, d’améliorer la relation entre les étudiants et l’AÉCG and to keeping things bilingue, et beaucoup plus! See you around campus, because I literally will… Glendon est miniscule!

Dael Vasquez, Councillor: As a Councillor on the GCSU for the 2018/2019 academic session, my goals are largely to support the union in all its endeavours, devoting my time and resources to at least three committees, while making the council office more supportive and inviting to all members of the Glendon community. I plan to immerse myself more in Glendon affairs so as to provide timely and helpful advice to anyone who wishes to know more and get involved themselves. In my role as Councillor, it is my hope that I will be able to help bring Glendon’s community into a position where they see their Union not just as a symbol of institutional pride, but as an organization that cares for them and provides a platform for self-actualization. In other words, it is my sincere desire that my contributions to the GCSU in the coming year enable it to shake off the stigma of previous years and become the force on campus it has always meant to be.

Student body take note: the following positions on the GCSU Council remain vacant. Please forward any queries to

· Vice President Athletics

· Vice President of Bilingual Affairs

· Vice President Campaigns and Advocacy

In addition, the Council shall be comprised of nine further councillors and two first year representatives, to be elected in the fall.