penthouse balcony

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i was on a voyage to the moon

on a paper bottom boat.

my back to the sun, only

my shadow for company.

celestial seas. solar winds

in my sail. crossroads of time

and space.


alone, without

shadow, without

map or compass.

my frosting heart and

throbbing fingers beg—

deeper into the sub-zero emptiness.


adrift in the void sea. sand no longer

in the crusts of my eyes. the sky is clear

and black. there are no constellations.

the pulp base of my boat ripped,

creatures from below feed

on the open sores of my feet.

i count the days left in my possession.


stars align, their message clear.

i am in ecstasy. i tear apart

the bottom of my vessel.

swollen, screaming hands. i fall

into the hole, entering back into earth’s

atmosphere, weightless, into

the open arms of the concrete,

finally reaching my destination.