Please Start Saving the World

 Photo: Paul Keller

Photo: Paul Keller

Power picked up their weapons

and shouted Put down your guns.

The innocent put their hands up

and screamed Don’t shoot anyone.

And we all stood in the empty streets

and cried God, what have you done?

As if our words were shields

and they’d move faster by our tongues.


They tell us now to move on

as if it happened years ago

but all the lectures were created

to silence down our show. And

all the battles rigged and run

for power, money, and our blood–

the broken bodies on the ground

left by hate and rich men’s sons.


We don’t see and they can’t breathe

the smoke flies up and hides

terrified faces and silent screams.

it wasn’t a neighbor or a friend

we’ve forgotten; we’re all family so

we step back and they go down.

We say we want to save the world but

it’s a different country, person, town

and so the war goes on.