Pop Up City

 Photo: Shake Shack

Photo: Shake Shack

Recently Toronto managed to get a taste of a little old burger company that some of you might know. A Shake Shack pop-up store emerged Wednesday, January 18th much to the delight of Torontonians and their Instagram accounts. Combining forces with Momofuku Daisho, those who braved the cold weather could get a taste (and a picture) of Shake Shack’s signature burgers and fries.

This hasn't been the first time that a pop-up store has opened for a short time in the 6. We’ve recently seen Christmas/Winter market themed stores, as anyone who stayed in the city over the winter break would know. Art, music, and food pop ups- especially food that our neighbours down south take for granted- have all popped up, often with much fanfare and long-stretching lines of people waiting hours in ever-changing Toronto weather.

Basically, Torontonians love their pop-up's. A quick google search for Toronto pop up leads to an array of articles, websites and blogs written to cover everything you can imagine. From an artisanal chicken and waffles brunch spot that will be hitting some obscure neighbourhood for six hours some random Saturday in April, to a Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine stand debuting for sixteen minutes by the Fairmont Hotel next Friday, Toronto has it all.   

Sometimes, if the restaurant does well in their short existence, they might even decide to stay for longer than their expected short term. A variety of factors might explain this, such as riotous people who take to their phones to let the world (or their mom) know about the injustice that has been inflicted upon their stomachs, or simply that the company knows they have a fan-base for their cuisine if they plan to take the next step towards opening a restaurant!

Pop-up restaurants allow everyone who has the time and money to try something new, be it a unique cuisine that makes up a patch in the Toronto quilt of food options, or a new sugary concoction that you can devoure to satisfy that craving after work. There are numerous reasons why I love hearing about the hottest places to queue up for quick bite. Maybe one day, if you’re at the right place (hint: 85 °C Bakery Cafe), at the right time, you’ll even see me in line for a pop up, getting interviewed by CP24, or bragging about my happy taste buds.