Pro Tem’s Spring Referendum

 cr: Amanda Jose

cr: Amanda Jose

Did you know that Pro Tem is having a referendum this Spring? Well, we are, and we need your vote!

Currently, we receive nearly 80% of our funding via the GCSU, who act as a middle-person between our club and the levy dispersal office at Keele. We want to change this long-standing arrangement, which dates back to the creation of our two organizations in the 1960s! Since then, every other club at Glendon that receives a similar size levy has petitioned for financial independence and currently receives all of their funding directly via the Keele office of Student Success Strategies. All, that is, except for Pro Tem – a fact we want to change, with your help!

What will you be voting for when you vote ‘YES’ for Pro Tem?

  • a 0.10 cent/credit increase to the levy we receive directly from student tuition

    • offsetting a 0.13 cent/credit decrease already negotiated in the levy we receive via the GCSU

  • Having the amount of levy we receive directly from student tuition be indexed to the Canadian Living Price Index, to account for year-to-year increases in our operational costs

  • a BIG step towards Pro Tem’s financial independence from the GCSU

    • a successful 2018 referendum will make it so that we receive 0.20 cents/credit from each source

  • a student newspaper able to operate in a more critical manner, without fear of financial renegotiations

  • bringing Pro Tem’s financial situation towards parity with the rest of GL’s consistently active levy orgs

More information (including voting dates and methods) to follow. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay informed (