Q&A with Glendon Alumni: Spotlight on Krista McNamara

Q: Tell us about your involvement at Glendon (what did you study, any clubs you participated in)

A: I was in Canadian Studies! In my coursework, I focused primarily on Indigenous-Settler relations. I graduated in 2014 with a BA and the Certificate of Bilingualism. During my first year, I volunteered with Peace by PEACE. Then, I went on to be a councillor, VP Bilingual, and then speaker with the GCSU. I was also Director of Awareness, Coordinator of GLgbt*, and worked as a Don of Learning Activities in Wood residence. I worked in the student recruitment office (the best!), volunteered with ASAY a handful of times, and was a First for the Red team during Frosh Week. Last but not least, I was an Infinite Reach Facilitator with the Métis Nation of Ontario at Glendon… Clearly I spent far too much of my 5 years on co-curricular activities!

Q: What do you miss about Glendon? Have any regrets about your time here?

A: I’d say that I miss the cafeteria, but that’s obviously a lie. I do miss the space and my friends, our big crowd of loud queer people. I miss how we lived as a community, sharing meals, epic GLgbt* pub nights, and our struggles. I grew a lot during my time at Glendon. My biggest regret is not having studied enough and not working hard on my academics. Don’t get me wrong, I had a few A’s in the courses I really loved (Anishinaabemowin with Maya Chacaby, Queer Cultures with Kato), but I bombed a lot of “easy” classes. So, looking back, I’d say, make sure you study and hand in your work friends!

Q: What are you up to now?

A: I’m a high school teacher! Well, currently an unqualified one, working in Eeyou Istchee (The People’s Land) in a community called Mistissini. I’m headed off to teacher’s college next year to get my BEd.

Q: How did Glendon help you get to where you are now (or where you want to be)?

A: Glendon gave me the space to grow and become myself. Queer, Franco-Ontarian, Indigenous, Feminist; it taught me some of the important terminology that I needed to place myself in the world. I went to école secondaire Le Caron, and Glendon gave me the opportunity to keep studying in French, which is really important for me personally and professionally. I currently teach Science and Chemistry in French.

Q: Any advice for students still at Glendon?

A: Keep working hard. Enjoy your time, even though it’s stressful as hell. Make taking care of yourself a priority. And maybe use one of those free GCSU agendas, they actually come in handy.