Quantum Nights

 pc: Alberto Campuzano

pc: Alberto Campuzano

You came into my life

innocently enough;

Mama thought you were “just another phase”

And frankly, so did I.


But then you turned my life around

and I fell hopelessly in love.


One year in,

I was flying high.

Drunk on the love and pure existential joy

that came with being your girl.


Two years in,

My confidence soared to new heights.

You’ve encouraged and inspired me,

every single day.


Three years now,

and I still feel I’m in heaven.

You are my love and my life:

I couldn’t be any happier.


To this day,

my heart flutters whenever I think of you.

And even after all this time we’ve spent together,

I long for more whenever we’re apart.


Our love is not for everyone.

Some say we’re crazy,

or that it won’t last.

-- but we don’t listen.


After all, some things are only made

for two to understand.

Like true love shared,

and quantum physics.


So here’s to a lifetime of quantum nights

spent in each other’s glow.